If you plan to breastfeed for a long time you need to invest in good breastfeeding clothes. They aren’t a necessity but will make the experience a whole lot easier. You can now buy clothes which are both fashionable and functional for feeding your baby. In fact most people won’t even know you are wearing a nursing top. Rather than having to research were to buy breastfeeding clothes, we’ve done all the hard work for you. Now all you need to do is shop.

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Where to Buy Breastfeeding Clothes

You’ll find that style of the clothes in these shops have a huge variety. Where you are looking for a top that’s in fashion, or more of a wardrobe staple, you find one in this list. The prices also vary between shops, form a mix of cheap and cheerful to high end wear.


  • Budget: Under £25
  • Style: Basics, Casual, Lingerie

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Amazon isn’t the first place most mums look for breastfeeding clothes. They do have a great range of basic tops at affordable prices. It’s a great way to fill out your breastfeeding wardrobe without breaking the bank.


  • Budget: £25-£100
  • Style: Casual, going out, special occasion, lingerie

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ASOS have a great range of own brand nursing clothes as well as designer brands. If you are fashion forward this is the place to shop. You find all the current styles transformed into breastfeeding clothes. It’s ideal if you have a special occasion and know you’ll need to breastfeed or express during event. They do free worldwide shipping.


  • Budget: Any
  • Style: Second hand, lingerie

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Ebay is fantastic for saving money on your breastfeeding wardrobe. You can get pretty much any style you want, varying from new with tags to used. If you have time to put the work into scouring auctions you can get some absolute bargains. Remember to keep your eye on the postage and packaging which can add up.

George @ Asda

  • Budget: Under £15
  • Style: Casual, Lingerie

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George @ Asda is handy for breastfeeding staples. They have quite a small range, however it does rotate regularly. The style is usually basic tops or vest for under £10 for layering. You’ll find this handy for adapting your regular wardrobe into clothes suitable for breastfeeding.

Isabella Oliver

  • Budget: £40-£120
  • Style: Smart Casual

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Isabella Oliver is a high end maternity brand which specialises in smart casual wear. They have a small breastfeeding range. The basic such as vests are pricey at around £40. The tops and dress are high quality and last a long time. We would recommend them is you need a smart wardrobe for work but you are still expressing.

John Lewis

  • Budget: £30-£55
  • Style: Smart Causal, Lingerie

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John Lewis has a great range of designers such as Sepharine and MAmalicious as well as their own lingerie. They focus of smart casual clothes and dress for everyday mums. The designs are all fairly basic so you can create your own style.


  • Budget: £20-£40
  • Style: smart casual, Lingerie

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JojoMamanBebe is perfect for filling your wardrobe with relaxed clothing which looks good. We particularly love their breastfeeding dressing which don’t require too much outfit planning yet look like you’ve made the effort. They usually do great offer like money off when you buy more than one item.

Marks & Spencer

  • Budget: £12-£40
  • Style: Casual, Lingerie

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Marks & Spencer’s has a small nursing range available. Again it’s another lot of basic style great for layering. Their prices are reasonable. However, for real value for money look out for tops with features like the StayNew fabric. This means your top will last a long time when it’s getting washed as often as nursing tops do.


  • Budget: £20-£100
  • Style: Smart Casual, Lingerie

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Mothercare mostly focus on nursing lingerie, with the odd breastfeeding top. Their own brand tops are pretty basic. They also stock great styles for designers such as Noppies and Ripe. We recommend buying a few of their basic vests if you need to use up gift cards for the store.

New Look

  • Budget: £8 – £25
  • Style: Causal, Smart, Lingerie

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New Look have a small nursing section for their maternity range. It mainly focuses on nursing bras, however you get the occasional clothing Gem. If you are on a tight budget and want to look fashionable, keep an eye on new stock. They do a lot of pretty warp maternity dress which are suitable for both summer and winter months.


  • Budget: £20 – £100
  • Style: smart casual, workwear, Lingerie

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Seraphine is a brands celebs love including Princess Kate, Anna Hathaway and Marion Cotillard. They have a huge range of nursing clothes including knitwear which is a rarity to find. Keep an eye out for their dual purpose maternity and nursing tops which will save you a lot of money.


  • Budget: £20-£60
  • Style: smart casual, Lingerie

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Topshop have been a game changer in maternity fashion. As one of the first high street brands to cater to pregnant and breastfeeding women. They have a small breastfeeding range, however some of their maternity clothes are suitable to use. Topshop do free standard delivery on all orders.

Where to Buy Nursing Bras

You’ll see that most of the store above have a range of nursing bra available. We’ve also found a list of online store which have a great range of nursing bras. You’ll find these are more special brands which cater for all sizes.

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Ample Bosom

Budget: £15-£50

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Ample Bosom is the perfect place to shop for nursing bras if you have a larger chest size. They have a range of good supportive bra and comfortable sleep bras. They have a range of quality bra brands such as Elomi and Royce.


Budget: £30-£35

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Bravissamo make bra for women with a D cup or above. They have a small range of practical nursing bras which offer good support. The styles are nice, not anything fancy, however won’t be mistaken for a granny bra.


Budget: £25-£40

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Cake Lingerie is our absolute favourite nursing bra brand. Their bras are focus on maternity and nursing use. They will recommend which bra is suitable for each trimester or postnatal. They have a style to suit your needs from sporty, basic or pretty.


Budget: £20- £30

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Debenhams do a great essential bra range. We love that they come in a range of colours and styles just like buying a regular bra. You’ll find cup sizes from c to G available. The range is pretty small but the prices are affordable for the quality.


Budget: £25-£40

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HotMilk focus on stylish maternity and nursing underwear for mums. They have styles available from an A cup to an H cup. You’ll find a nursing bra to suit your lifestyle, from basic sleep bra, sports bra and everyday bra. You’d never know the range was for nursing mums as they look like a normal bra range, with the convenience of nursing straps.

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Where to Buy Breastfeeding Clothes: Shopping Guide