If you’re new to baby weaning you may be wondering just what equipment is essential and what’s not?

You may want to buy minimal equipment to wean your baby, but there are a few items which you should consider buying to make life easier for yourself.

Check out the Top 10 pieces of weaning equipment that are highly recommended by parents who have been there and done that.

Weaning Equipment – Top 10 Recommendations

1. Highchair

Whether you choose spoon led or baby led weaning you’ll want a high chair for you baby to have their own eating area. Buying a good high chair build the foundations for your babies mealtimes. Its important baby is safe and comfortable or mealtimes can quickly become a bit of a battleground.

There is a high variety of high chair available to buy so it can be a bit confusing to know where to start. Read our high chair buying guide to narrow down the feature which suit your needs best. If you know what you want from a high chair but don’t know what’s available check out our reviews of the best high chairs on the market.

2. Bibs

Baby weaning equals mess… lots of mess. If you like to wash numerous outfits for your baby everyday then we suggest you stock up on baby bibs. A good baby bib will protect your baby’s clothing whilst eating. A lot of first foods such as carrot have a tendency to stain, and you’d rather stain a £2 bib than a £20 outfit.

Bibs come in a variety shapes and materials from full top coverage to plastic catchers. Your choice will depend on how much mess you baby makes as well as personal preference. Check out our reviews of the best baby bibs to buy.

3. Bowls

Specialist weaning bowls are recommended as babies love to throw things off their high chairs. For safety reasons, durable bowls and plates are the best option to prevent breakages. Modern weaning bowls and plates are often designed to help encourage your baby to eat independently. Features such as curved sides or sectioned plates can cut down on baby frustration and improve dexterity when using cutlery. We’ve reviewed the best baby plates and the best baby bowls to find the right ones for your little one.

4. Cutlery

Weaning spoons and cutlery are a great solution to giving baby a sense of independent when eating. As they are made from soft material with no sharp edges, they are safe for baby to hold themselves. Learning to use cutlery can teach your baby new motor skills, dexterity and hand eye coordination. When your baby grows into a toddler you can begin to teach them table manners with their cutlery. Check out our reviews on the best baby cutlery available to buy.

5. Training Cup

When you start weaning you baby will still breastfeed or drink formula as their main source of fluid. As they grow you will want to start introducing a cup to become accustomed to using one when they are weaned from milk. Just like baby cutlery as sippy cup will cut down on mess from drinking and allows baby to safely drink at their own pace. You can start with a traditional cup or use a non-spill cup. To find the benefits of using a sippy cup and hat to look out for when buying one check out our sippy cup review article.

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6. Blender

A blender is useful for any parent who wants to make their own baby food. For spoon led weaning it helps you to create smooth purees for babies. Even baby led weaner can benefit from a blender for creating sauces and soup jam packed with vitamins from fruit and veg.

You can buy all types from a compact, inexpensive, manual blender for basic use, right up to an all singing and dancing baby food maker which takes care of the who food making process for you. Check out our baby food blender and baby food maker buying guides with our top recommendations for all budgets.

7. Freezer Trays

Another invaluable piece of weaning equipment for storing homemade baby food is a freezer tray. These help you to save time by batch cooking and storing fresh food in the freezer until its ready to use. Using a freezer try over a regular storage container helps to section food into neat 1oz portions. Young babies only need a cube at a time, but as they grow you can defrost more than a cube at a time.

Separate frozen food can also be mixed to create new flavours for your baby, popular combinations include apple and pear or carrot and turnip. Head on over and read our guide to freezing baby food safely.

8. Baby Food Containers

Have the convenience of taking your own baby food out and about by investing in some mini food storage containers. These a mini pots with lids to store your baby’s food in the fridge or freezer. The small pots are great for also using as a mini bowl when there is none available. You can also buy re-fillable food storage pouches to prevent spills when transporting any food in your bag. Read our article on the best food storage containers and how to buy the best ones for your needs.

9. Snack Pots

Hands up if you love a product that keeps mess to a minimum? A snack pot is a great solution for your baby when they are starting to toddle carry around their on snacks. Again it gives them a sense of control over their eating, without you hovering behind to clean up mess. Snack pots keep the mess in whilst allowing baby to access the contents when they want. A baby feeder is another great snack solution for younger babies to try.

Check out our reviews of our favourite toddler snack pots and baby snack feeders.

10. Ice Lolly Moulds

This is definitely not an essential item, but one which parent wish they had thought of in hindsight. You can create to very own tiny baby lollies as a solution to soothe sore teething gums. Lollies are also a really fun way for your child to experience different temperatures and textures. You can also introduce nutrient rich frozen smoothies to them in the guise of a treat. Click here for our reviews of the best ice lolly moulds available for babies and toddlers.

Do you have a favourite weaning product you’d recommend to other parents? Leave us a comment below we’d love you hear your suggestions.