The Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep is the best selling baby bottle maker on the market

This machine has been a god send for formula feeding parents.

It’s highly rated too. Here at Mama Milk we wanted to know what all the fuss was about.

Is it really worth shelling out the cash or just another feeding fad?

Let’s find out in our Perfect Prep review.

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Review

The perfect prep is a kitchen appliance which prepares a fresh baby bottles for you. Current government guidelines advise to make a fresh bottle with every feed to prevent bacteria build up. Rather than boil a kettle and wait for it to cool down before feeding your baby, this machine does it all in less than two minutes. The machine is all about convenience for busy parents. Or those who are sleep deprived and want back to bed ASAP when baby wakes for a night feed.

Health and Safety


We were a bit concerned the perfect prep wouldn’t heat the milk enough to kill off any bacteria. The latest model is designed to first add a shot of hot water (70⁰C) to tackle that problem. Please note that you will need to use previously sterilised bottles with the machine. Once the hot water is it adds some cold water to cool the milk down to the right temperature (23⁰C). This give it the perfect temperature for baby to drink right away without being scalded. We advise you test a drop of milk on your wrist before feeding baby.


Good bottle preparation is important for your baby’s health. Making a bottle which is too concentrated or dilute can cause your baby to become ill. The perfect prep machine worked automatically to dilute the bottle to the correct amount based on how much your baby is taking with each feed. The measurements options as only in fluid oz so it you prefer to use ml you’ll need to roughly convert this.

We found it a bit disappointing the perfect prep can’t make feeds under 4oz. This can lead to a lot of formula waste in the first few weeks, especially if you have a smaller baby.

Ease of Use


The perfect prep has a water tank on the side which hold up to 2 litres of water. Therefore you won’t need to fill it up every time you use it. The machine uses simple one touch buttons and dials. The buttons flash red and green with beeps so you don’t need to use a separate timer to know when it’s ready. We found the beeps were quite loud. That’s great for during the day when you want to hear it from another room. However at night it may disturb light sleepers.

The instructions are very clear to use, with text and pictures to make it easier to see what you’re doing. It’s really easy to use, even during the wee small hours of the morning when your brain feels like mush.


We think Tommee Tippee have done well with the design for this machine. It’s stylish and looks rather like a coffee maker, which wouldn’t look out of place in your kitchen. You can buy it in 3 colours: black, white or red, whichever matched your kitchen décor best. It’s fairly compact to store, actually no bigger than a bottle steriliser. For small kitchens it will take up a bit of room on a worktop if you want to leave it out. There is a cord holder to keep it neat and tidy. The bottle holder is adjustable so you’ll be able to use it with all popular brands of baby bottles. Although there is a small Tommee Tippee bottle included with the kit.


This machine is fairly compact, so it would travel well in a car. So it you are visiting family or friends, or going for a self-catering holiday in the UK you’d be able to take it with ease. It’s far too big to carry around with you for a day trip out and about, or even for taking on holiday abroad.


The perfect prep is really easy to clean. It’s important you regularly clean any machine with a water reservoir. It prevents mould growth and lime scale build up, especially in hard water areas. Instructions on how to so this are very clear in the manual. The whole process is about as difficult as boiling a kettle for 10 minutes and discarding the water. A full clean is recommended before first use, after replacing a filter or if the machine is unused for more than 2 weeks.

The perfect prep machine comes with a water filter system. It’s recommended you replace these every 3 months at a cost of around £9 per filter. The water filter will remove impurities from your tap water. However it won’t affect the machines performance if you prefer not to replace it.

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What’s included?

  • Perfect Prep machine x 1
  • Filter x 1
  • Closer to Nature 5floz/ 150ml feeding bottle with slow flow nipple x 1
  • Closer to Nature Milk Storage Lid x 1
  • Instruction Leaflet

How to Use the Perfect Prep Machine

Perfect Prep Pros

  • Convenient and very easy to use
  • Fresh Bottle in under 2 minutes
  • Perfect solution for night feeds
  • No risk of scalding baby’s mouth
  • Filter removes tap water impurities

Perfect Prep Cons

  • Can’t adjust temperature settings
  • Have to manually add formula powder
  • Loud Beeping
  • Cost of machine and replacement filters
  • Can’t make bottles less than 4oz

Common Issues

The most common complaints with the perfect prep machine are reports of an erratic temperature light and overheating. If you have any of these issue with your machine Tommee Tippee are great at dealing with returns. The machine comes with a 1 year warranty so you’ll be covered if you get a faulty machine.

Best For?

We would highly recommend this product if you need the convenience it provides. If you don’t want to spend more than a few minutes at 3am waiting for a fresh bottle, it’s a life saver. It’s also great for new parents who are concerned about making bottle safely for their baby. The machine prevents scalding baby’s mouth and dilutes the powder to the correct volume.

It’s best to use the machine in your kitchen as it’s quite noisy to use in the dead of the night. You’ll get most value from this machine when your baby is taking more than 4oz per feed.


The RRP of this machine is £120. Online offers usually give big discounts so you can get it for as low as £70. It’s not a piece of essential baby gear which makes it quite pricey. You may want to add it to a gift list if friends or family are asking what you want for baby.

Our Verdict

The Perfect prep is a great time saving baby gadget. It’s not a bare essential, but nice to have if you have a busy life. You’ll no longer need to calm your hungry, screaming baby as you wait for kettle boiled water to cool down. Yes it’s pricey but if you think it will benefit your family, then the price tag is justifiable for the convenience.

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