I’m really nosy to find out all the gadgets that pregnant mums buy in preparation for their baby. A few mums have told me they are looking to buy Philips Avent Comfort breast pump as it was recommended by their friends and often ask what I think of it.

I was really intrigued to review this model as it seems to be a very popular pump online and is probably the biggest rival to the Medela Swing in terms of features and cost.

Personally I love the pastel purple colour used on the main pump unit. I think it gives it a soft feminine look, rather than the clinical looking white pumps on the market – nobody wants to feel bovine whilst expressing. So I’ve done some in depth research on the Philips Avent single comfort pump to give mums my views and here’s what I found out.

Philips AVENT Breast Pump Review

What I like about this AVENT breast pump

When a mum asks what they need to look for in a breast pump my answer is comfort whilst expressing. Discomfort will prevent you from releasing the hormone (oxytocin) needed to release the breast milk. Philips have developed there breast pump around these findings. They have given attention to all the details which can make expressing milk an tedious experience.

1. Design

Phillips have designed a pump which is compact and with the flange at a downward slant angle. This gives a comfortable hold on the collection bottle. You’ll be able to use it in an upright position without having to lean forward like some other breast pumps. This saves your back from getting really sore whilst pumping. You can relax and catch up on your favourite TV easily without having to sit like the hunchback of Notre Dame for 20 minutes.

2. Adjustable suction

The pump has 4 suction settings which is great for adjusting it to your comfort level. The first level is the stimulation mode which allows your milk to ‘let down’. The pump uses short quick suction to mimic the action of a baby stimulating your milk. Once your milk begins to flow you can easily change the setting with one touch to increase or decrease the suction. This gives you greater control over your comfort levels when pumping. The three speed settings range from 20-60 sucks per minute at a pressure of 128-250mmg HG. You’ll be able to customise the pump to get as much milk as possible with each session.

3. Soft Cup

If you’ve used an electric breast pump before you’ll know that a hard plastic breast shield can make the experience rather awkward. The flange for this pump is designed specially with a soft velvety silicone cup for a cosy and snug fit onto your breast. It has a 5 petal hole design which allows it to massage your breast whilst pumping, this is a fantastic design as mums often need to hand massage to assist the milk flow when expressing. The cup provided is a standard size (25mm) but you can buy a larger cushion cup for all you big busted ladies out there.

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The actual motor pump it a very light weight (about as heavy as a mug of tea) and compact design, simple enough to control and lift one handed whilst expressing milk. The pump is really portable and designed for the tube to wrap around the main unit, which is great news for mums who travel or need to pump at work. The option of a main power source and using a battery are available to mums who may want to do other tasks whilst they pump. If you want to use the battery option this breast pump requires 4 x AAA batteries, which are included with the pump set.

Easy to use

Philips claim the breast pump is easy to assemble, on close inspection I can see that there are 6 parts of the pump to be assembled together. The assembly process is crystal clear in the manual with both diagrams and written instruction. The pump is really easy to clean too and there are no small fiddly bits and some of the parts can be easily popped into a dishwasher and a microwave steriliser.

Feeding Equipment

The comfort pump comes with a 4oz (125ml) Natural bottle with an extra soft newborn flow teat. I personally used the Avent bottles to transfer milk after expressing with my Medela Swing and can’t recommend them enough. The bottle has an ergonomic design to prevent you from getting repetitive strain injury when feeding baby. The set comes with a sealing disc for the bottle. You can store your breast milk without a teat, great if you’re not using it straight away. The bottle also has a wide neck design which helps to reduce wind in the baby as less air gets trapped in the bottle. Plus the pump is compatible with all other feeding accessories in the Avent range so you can easily transition from bottle to training cup as your baby grows.

Collection System

The Philips AVENT comfort pump is a closed system which means that the breast milk will never come into contact with the tubing or the base unit, this makes the whole system very hygienic.

Noise level

Unfortunately this pump is known to be a little noisy. Most mums agree that although it’s noticeable it’s more of a mechanical drone and not unbearable. Consider if the sound of an electrical motor will be an annoyance and stress you whenever you have to pump. This can affect the amount of milk you are able to express.

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The Philips AVENT Comfort SCF332/01 breast pump comes with a standard 1 year manufacturer warranty.

What’s Included?

  • Philips AVENT electric breast pump
  • Extra soft newborn flow teat
  • 4oz (125ml) Natural Bottles
  • Standard size cushioned Breast shield (25mm)
  • Plastic Connector Tube
  • Bottle disc seal (storage lid)
  • 2 x Breast pad sample packs: 2 (1 Day pack and and 1 Night pack)
  • Spare diaphragm
  • Travel Cover
  • 4 x AAA Alkaline batteries

What others are saying

With an average rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 the Philips AVENT Comfort breast pump is one of the most highly rated single breast pumps as rated by mums who have already bought the pump.

The Pros

“The best part for me was that you could sit back in a chair and express rather than having to lean forwards as I had been doing with my previous pump.”

The majority of the praise for this pump was centred around just how comfortable this pump was to use. Mums who have used other breast pumps and found the experience quite painful. They agree with Avent’s claims that you can sit comfortably whilst pumping. It’s pretty fuss-free, especially since it’s easy to hold your baby in one harm and the pump with the other. Great if you want to feed and pump simultaneously or have baby close to improve your milk flow.

“is well designed with comfort in mind and is compact, light and easy to assemble”

Mums were very impressed with the design and found it easy to work. They commented that the were impressed with Avent’s attention to detail. The brand have done everything possible to make the process of expressing less stressful. This helps to make breastfeeding easier for mums.

“It’s worth spending that little bit more to get a better quality Avent one”

The Avent brand comes highly recommended. Most mums recommend spending that little bit extra on this pump. Trying to save some money buying a cheaper pump or a manual which will probably end up being false economy. For frequent expressing they won’t do a job as good as this breast pump.

Other positive reviews

  • “Finally a brand that understands and has come up with the perfect solution!”
  • “I would recommend to every pregnant woman to have one of this before hand in case you need it to encourage the milk”
  • “for comfort and convenience I pick the AVENT but for output I pick the Medela”
  • “I usually easily get at least 4oz with 10 minutes on each breast, often more”

Any Complaints?

Surprisingly there were minimal complaints about this breast pump. A few people commented on the noise and found it irritating. The other negatives were mostly from people who found using a manual pump was faster than this single pump so they have suggested if you want an electric pump which expresses good volume quickly then they would recommend the double pump of this model the Philips AVENT SCF334/02 Comfort Twin.

In Conclusion

The Philips AVENT Comfort single breast pump is the number one single breast pump for comfort and ease of use. You will find that most mums will be choosing between the Medela Swing. If you think comfort will be an issue for you then pick this breast pump, if you struggle with milk supply issues and need a pump with top notch suction then go with the Medela Swing.

Overall a very good quality pump, you won’t regret buying this breast pump. It’s worth the investment especially if you plan on using it for more babies in the future.

Where can I read more reviews on the Philips Avent Comfort SCF332/01 Single Breast Pump?

You can read more reviews written by mums who have used this pump themselves, with over 95 reviews you can get a good overview of what other think of this pump. Click here for more reviews.

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