Lansinoh is a well known breastfeeding accessory brand within the UK. If you’ve had a baby before you may already know them from their very popular nipple cream which has been the savior of many breastfeeding mums.

The 2 in 1 Electric is Lansinoh’s latest breast pump design. Released in 2013 this breast pump has already won a ‘Baby and Pregnancy’ award for best breast pump. A huge improvement on their earlier model ‘Lansinoh Affinity 2 in 1 Double Electric Breast Pump’, as it’s quieter, lighter and a few extra features. A double breast pump with a modern LCD screen for around £100, seems too good to be true?

Keep reading to see if this breast pump is worth buying.

Lansinoh Breast Pump Review

Who would this breast pump suit?

  • Mums wanting to increase milk supply
  • Mums looking to build a breast milk supply
  • Frequently pumping mums (3-5 times a day)
  • Mums returning to work

The Affinity Pro is an interchangeable single and double pump which Lansinoh states is as good as a hospital grade pump. This is ideal if you need to express high volumes of milk, quickly and often. I would recommend this pump to mums who are plan on breastfeeding whilst on maternity leave but would like to continue breastfeeding once they return to work. The pump can be used as a single pump which is ideal if you need a occasionally need to pump and then the double pump for speed and efficiency when you need to increase your pumping schedule. The 2 in 1 Affinity Pro will cost around £90-£120 to buy, keep an eye out for special offers online as you’ll be able to get it for around £100.

How comfortable is the pump?

The breast shields supplied with the Affinity pump are non-cushioned plastic (25mm). You can also purchase a ‘large fit’ at 30.5mm, essential to ensure comfort for larger chested mums. Once the pump switches from stimulation mode to expression mode there are 8 different speed settings you can select to manually adjust the pump . The motor cycles 87-125 times per minute in the Stimulation Phase and 37-95 times in the Expression Phase. This is wider range in cycle control than the Medela Swing, which will give you more control over speed and strength of the suction. Adjusting suction rate allows you to control your comfort levels when expressing.

How effective is the pump?

Lansinoh have designed the breast shields with a special purple silicone ring to prove a good seal around the breast to allow for better suction. The stimulation stage suction power for this pump is 55-140 mmHG and ranges from 80-220 mmHg in the expression mode. This is slightly less than the max suction of the Medela Swing at 250mmHG.


I think the Lansinoh Affinity has to be one of the most modern looking pumps available at the moment. The LCD screen displays: suction power, battery volume and pumping time. The screen also has a soft back light so it can be easily seen if using during the night or in low light, a lifesaver when pumping at night. The suction levels are easily controlled with simple ‘+’ ‘-‘ buttons which can easily be controlled one handed.

Ease of use

This pump has a quite few parts which are easily put together as the instruction manual is very clear. The parts are very easily cleaned with most small parts being able to be steam sterilised and dishwasher safe.

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What type of system is it?

A special diaphragm and cap make the Affinity pro pump a closed system. This means the milk will not enter the tubing or motor system, preventing condensation, bacteria or mould build up. This feature makes the pump very hygienic to use.


The main power supply for this pump is a mains supply (120-220 v). It uses 6 alkaline batteries which will give a 2 hour power supply. This is great is you need to pump at work. A car power adapter is not available for this pump.

How noisy is the pump?

Although the pump has a slight mechanical buzz due to the motor, this model is a lot quieter than the previous Lansinoh breast pump model.

Feeding Equipment

The breast pump comes with a 150ml standard collection bottles. Unfortunately you cannot pump straight into the collection bags either, so it may be easier to pump and decant into feeding bottles.

Warranty and customer care

The Affinity Pro pump comes with a 1 year warranty on the pump and a 90 day warranty on all other product components. The warranty becomes void if the pump is used by more than one user, and also if any parts of the pump are used with components from another brand. They also have an excellent customer services, the number is 0113 205 4201.

Additional Features

All of the parts of the pump are BPA-free and phthalate free.

What others are saying

Here are some of the comments from mums who have purchased this pump:

“It takes me 7 mins to express 4oz which took 30 mins with the avent pump. No brainer!”
“Overall a very easy unit to use, I would highly recommend. ”
“Definitely worth the investment ”
“This is perfect. It’s very comfortable & easy to use. The pump is slightly noisy but it certainly doesn’t wake my little one & my husband can sleep through it.”
“The breast shields have a silicon rim and are really comfortable. It looked like it had lots of bits but actually was simple to to put together and use.“
“This pump is fantastic!! It is on par if not better than the industrial strength Medela.”

Any complaints?

  • Not suitable for exclusive pumping.
  • Collection bottles have no teats to convert to feeding bottles.
  • Slightly less suction than the Medela Swing.

Where can I read more reviews on the Lansinoh 2 in 1 Affinity Pro Double Breast Pump?

You can read more reviews from mums who have bought this pump at Amazon.

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