Set up a breastfeeding station in your home as your own little nesting area just for you and baby. This can be your safe haven where you can feed baby or express uninterrupted in a relaxed environment. Here are some suggestion on how to set up your own feeding area.

Set Up An Expressing And Breastfeeding Station

Location, Location, Location

If you often have a lot of visitors then you may want to choose a calm quiet part of the house. You don’t want to be isolated, but away from a central location in the home. This will allow you to focus on baby and relax for the duration of the feed.

Use a comfortable chair

You need to be comfortable when breastfeeding, so a chair with lots of back support is essential. Consider a small arm chair with lots of cushions or a specially designed breastfeeding glider chair. The great thing about the breastfeeding chairs is that they usually come with a footrest for extra comfort. If you don’t have a footstool for your chair add this to your station needs.

Get a table

Choose a small side table, as this will be essential for keeping things at an arms length whilst feeding baby. I would recommend something like a bedside table as it will have either drawers or a cabinet area to store all your essential supplies such as a breast pump, cloths etc.

Support for baby

If you are feeding upright, holding baby to the breast can be very tiring especially if it’s a long feed. Invest in a nursing pillow so you can lift you baby to your breast and increase your comfort levels. I personally think the best breastfeeding pillows are the wrap around types (they look sort of C shaped) as they can be doubled up as a sitting support for baby when they get a little older.

Snacks and fluids

Breastfeeding is thirsty work, so try to keep a refillable water bottle close by when feeding. Also small snacks such as fruit or cereal bars are great to keep your energy up, as breastfeeding will use an extra 500 calories a day. If you have the room a mini fridge is the perfect solution for when like cold drinks but you forget to take it out the main fridge before you feed.


You may wish to have a TV nearby to watch whilst you feed, or some music playing in the background. If you are using your station for expressing then a good book or magazine can help pass the time. Also expressing mums may wish to have a photo of baby close by as it can with your ‘let down’ reflex.

Be prepared

Stock your station with muslin cloths and breast pads in case baby is sick or you have a tendency to leak when feeding. Having these to hand is a lifesaver when you need to mop up those lovely sticky liquids quickly! A small bin is also handy for cleaning up any mess with tissues or baby wipes. If you are also expressing at your station then keep a hands free pumping bra handy if you have a double breast pump.

Handy Storage

You’ll use barrier creams or nipple shields during the early days of breastfeeding. make sure they are stored in your feeding station. Keep little air tight pot of sterilising fluid with your nipple shields inside so they are ready to use with each feed.

Settle in

You don’t want to be getting up to retrieve any items once you and baby are relaxed and comfortable. Make sure you have essentials on hand such as a retrieving blanket for when baby nods off.

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