The Chicco Next to Me is the best-selling bedside crib in the UK. The simple design gives your baby a safe sleep space to co-sleep with you. For breastfeeding mums or those who have a C-section, these cribs are a godsend. They allow easy access to baby so you can tend to their needs quickly in the night. Let’s find out how the Next to Me handles our review testing.

chicco next to me review

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Chicco Next to Me Review

The Chicco brand designed the Next to Me to provide a safe sleep space for baby. They understood that parents, like you, wanted to co-sleep with their newborn. Safe sleep guidance advises against co-sleeping to prevent cot death. However, unsafe sleeping areas, such on the sofa, are the biggest risk of SIDS. Having your baby in their own area whilst next to you is the ideal solution for modern parents.

Use the Chicco Next to Me from birth up to 6 months (9kgs), or until your baby can pull themselves upright unaided.

chicco next2me


Chicco have put a lot of thought into the design of this crib. It’s a great solution for both baby and mum to get a good-quality sleep. The details make it so much easier for a tired and sore mum to tend to baby quickly, before their crying wakes the whole house.

Adjustable Sides

The zippered side means you simply unzip and pull baby close. That means no bending or sitting upright, which can cause pain for mums who had a C-section. For breastfeeding your baby will be close enough to latch on and put them back to sleep without disturbing their sleep.

Fabric and Frame

The crib comes in six different colours to suit your preferences. One of the sides has a mesh panel which you can see into from a lying position. We’re disappointed there is no storage area on the crib. Storage pockets are convenient for parent to keep muslin cloths or wipes at hand.


You’ll need to buy crib sheets for the mattress and bear in mind, they are a non-standard size (84x 51cm). Chicco sell their own crib sheets. However, DK Organic make their own cotton GloveSheet which fits the Next to me for a lot cheaper. If you would like a night-light or soothing music for baby, you can buy the Next to Me mobile which attached to the rounded frame of the crib.


Ease of Use

We give the Chicco Next to me full marks for ease of use. That is because it offers all the benefits of a co-sleeper and a standalone crib.


This crib is super quick to assemble. It will take one person around 10 minutes to assemble. The instructions are very clear and have a step-by step picture to keep you right. All the parts click into place so you don’t need any screws or tools to put it together. It’s also really easy to dissemble and no need to worry about losing assembly parts.


The manufacturer size dimensions are H93 x W81 x D66cm. Compared to other baby beds it larger than a moses basket but average size for a crib. We found the frame legs were compact and easily slipped under a divan bedframe to save you room at the side of your bed.


We’ve already discussed how easy this crib is to dissemble. When it’s not in use, you can pack away all the piece into a handy storage bag which is provided. This keeps all the pieces together. When stored away the bag is long and wide yet narrow.


The storage bag makes this crib easy to carry around. At 8kg its weight about the same as carrying a car seat with a newborn baby inside. It’s ideal for using when staying away from home or on UK holiday. For using in the home the Next to Me has wheels, which make it easy to push from room to room. This feature is perfect for keeping a close eye on baby, whilst they take daytime naps.

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This is the highest priority with any co-sleeper. We found that the Next to Me was almost perfect for all safety aspects and conforms to the British Safety Standards BSEN716.


The frame is durable and good quality. We found it was sturdy on carpeted surfaces; however, was a little bit wobbly on a hard surface like wooden flooring. We would highly recommend placing a rug underneath if you have a hard floor. The crib is small enough to prevent an adult from rolling into the area when the sides are down.


The cotton fabric sides let baby breath though the fabric should they press up against it as the sleep. The side which attached to the bed is made from mesh. This allows great airflow and temperature regulation. This is really important during winter months when we use more bedding to keep warm.

Locks & Fastenings

To prevent the wheels from moving when baby is in the crib it has locks to stabilise the frame. This is important as your baby gets older and moves around more. The adjustable sides lock with zips and a frame clip, which we give a high rating for. Young babies do not have the motor skills to use zips, and the frame clip is strong enough to hold the weight of a baby pressing against the side.

Bed Attachment

This crib used strong straps to secure the side of the crib to your bed frame. The straps are a good length to fit a regular divan bed. However, may not be long enough for larger king-size divans. The legs are adjustable up to a maximum floor to mattress height of 58cm. There is a height indicator on the legs to show you if the crib is flat or on a tilt.

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chicco next to me bedside crib review


We rated the Next to Me lower for comfort features for baby. They lost marks for the mattress which can be tricky and expensive to find replacements for.


We found the mattress provided with the crib was firm. Although this is required for safe sleeping, you may want to consider a mattress topper to make it a little more comfortable for baby. Chicco makes their own breathable mattress topper which you need to buy separately.


You can adjust the bedframe to give it a slight tilt. This can help babies who suffer from severe reflux, colds or mucousy new-borns. This mean you don’t need to prop up the frame with books, making it unstable. Your baby should always be supervised in this position to prevent them slipping underneath bedding.


The Chicco Next to Me is large and roomy and newborns prefer small and snug spaces. Learning how to swaddle your baby is a great way to settle a newborn baby. You might want to consider a sleep positioner so your baby feels more secure. It’s plenty roomy for older babies who like space as they grow.


It’s important to remember how to clean your baby’s crib before you buy. Night-time nappy changes, baby sick and breastmilk can all make the area pretty mucky.
The fabric on the cot is stain resistant and easy to maintain by wiping clean. For when it’s soiled heavily you can remove the frame cover and hand wash. The cover cannot be tumble dried so you’ll need to consider where baby will sleep if it’s not dry by the night time. The frame is easy to keep clean by wiping down with a wet cloth regularly.


The Chicco Next to Me is great value compared to similar style co-sleepers such as the Snuzpod or Knuma Huddle. Costing around £20-£30 less, you still get a top quality co-sleeping crib.


Buying a new Chicco Next to Me will start at around £165 up to £210, depending upon the colour you choose. It’s quite a pricey piece of kit for around 6 months use. If you are using it for your first child and plan on having more, it can be a great investment for your family. You’ll find the Next to me easy to buy in-store and on-line, including these trusted retailers:

Second Hand

If you are on a tight budget consider buying a second hand. The average listing on Ebay goes for between £70 and £100 depending upon the condition. A lot of the listings are for collection only. If you don’t have any sellers near you, it will cost around £10-£20 for delivery.


As the best price co-sleeper crib on the market, the Chicco Next to Me is an awesome choice. Breastfeeding mums will get the most benefits from this co-sleeping crib. If you need a compact crib with storage, then there are better options. If you have a regular double bed with a carpeted surface, this crib is ideal. For larger beds or hard floor surfaces, you will probably experience problems with bed attachment and stability. It’s a ideal all round product that can be used be used as a co-sleeper and standalone crib. The ease of portability makes it a fantastic choice when baby is away from home.

How to use the Chicco Next to Me