You’ve spent nine months looking forward to getting back into your ‘normal’ clothes. The trouble is that gorgeous silk dress is just not practical for when the little one needs a feed. You’ll need need to carefully plan your outfits to work around accessibility for baby. Discreetness is another issue, especially if letting it all hang out isn’t your thing.

Breastfeeding clothing design has come a long way in recent years and you can get some fantastic stylish designs. Here are Mama Union’s must haves for building a breastfeeding wardrobe.

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Should You Buy Nursing Tops?

Nursing Bra

Let’s start at the basics: the bra. No matter what you wear on top this will always be an essential for a nursing or pumping mum. If you think about the design of a regular bra they are suppose to keep your breast in place. They are quite difficult to ‘get in’ to without distorting your expensive bra. A nursing bra is designed to act like a regular bra. However they have a clips which allows you to easily open up the cup section.

You can get nursing bras to meet your budget and different styles to match your style preference. Sleep bras are perfect for holding breast pads in place to stop your milk leaking onto your sheets overnight. Our tip would be to wait until baby is born to judge what size of bra you need. Your breasts may grow considerably once you milk comes through. Check out our article on for the best nursing bras for breastfeeding mums.

You can find breastfeeding bras from George at Asda, F&F at Tesco, Mothercare or if you have a larger chest brands such as Ample Bosom make designs up to 58″ back and N cup size.

Nursing Vest

A nursing vest is the perfect staple for when you are breastfeeding. Not only do they enable you to have easy access for baby or a pump but they allow you to still incorporate your ‘normal’ clothes back into your style while providing discreetness. The nursing vest works similar to the nursing bra. It provides that extra bit of coverage over your tummy so that only a small part of one breast is exposed. This makes it easy for you to wear any clothes you would normal wear with a vest underneath such as wrap tops or shirts.

They come in a huge variety of colours so you can purchase them by the load to match all your outfits. Our favourite fashionable designs come from New Look and H&M . Be sure to check out Emma Jane designs as these are our favourite for nursing vest basics.

Nursing Tops/Dresses

Nursing tops or dresses are designed with wide open necks to allow easy access to your breasts. Although not essentials for a breastfeeding mum, they avoid the inevitable stretching of necklines with your regular clothes. If the thought of having your favourite top or dress misshapen then we recommend you buy a few nursing tops or nursing dresses if that’s more your style.

The best thing about these nursing clothes is that they are now made in lots of fashionable styles. No-one will even guess they are designed for breastfeeding. If you have a special occasion coming up then you won’t have to worry about getting a nice outfit that will accommodate you nursing or taking a break to pump. Opt for a regular top made from Jersy material or with a cwl neck if you can’t find a design you like.

If you like to keep up with the latest fashions then we highly recommend ASOS or the Topshop maternity ranges. If you want more of a basic ranges which do the job and don’t break the bank then check out Purpless Maternity.

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Do I Need to Buy Nursing Tops for Breastfeeding?