Looking for reviews of best wooden high chair to help you decide which one to buy? You probably already know what to look for when buying a high chair to find one that suits your needs. If not check out our high chair buying guide.

Looking for a great wooden high chair can be confusing, because of the choice available. If you don’t have the time to for in depth research, don’t worry, we’ve done it for you. We’ve researched the best wooden high chairs on the market and picked our favourites. Keep reading to see which high chairs we thought we’re the best, why they we selected. If you’re still not sure, we’ll discuss why you should consider buying a wooden high chair.

To get started, check out this comparison table of the most popular wooden high chairs in the UK.

Best Wooden High Chair Reviews

1. BabyDan Danchair

  • Suitable from 6 months to 12 years
  • Modular design
  • Choose from 4 natural colours
  • Around half price of Stokke Tripp Trapp

 Our Verdict

The BabyDan Danchair is the best wooden high chair if you want one which can be used at your dining table. This type of chair let’s baby get involved with family meals rather than sitting near the edge of the table. It’s a modular design, which means it adaptable to grow with your child. This chair is suitable to use from 6 months to 12 years so you’ll get your money’s worth from it. Similar in design to the Stokke Tripp trap, which sells for nearly double the price of the Danchair. This chair has longer leg length to prevent baby pushing the chair over.

2. East Coast Combination

  • Convert into a table and chair
  • Roomy seat space
  • solid design
  • Strong Harnesses

Our Verdict

The East Coast combination is a practical chair for everyday use. We love that you can use it as a high chair from 6 months, but then it converts to a mini table and chair so your toddler can have their space. The chair is quite heavy so we recommend if you have the space to keep it up and don’t need to move it around the house. However the weight does mean the chair it very sturdy and gives you that extra security that it won’t easily tip over. The chair is very roomy which is great for older kids, but you can easily add a generic high chair insert to pad it out for your baby.

3. Obaby Cube

  • Converts into a table and chair
  • Removable tray
  • 5 year warranty
  • Easy to clean

Our Verdict

The Obaby Cube is another affordable solution parents looking for a wooden high chair with use for both baby and toddler. Although it takes quite a bit of assembly, it is very sturdy once complete. It’s versatile and easy to use both with the tray and without to use pushed up to the table. The wood is really easy to clean, and even stuck on food stuff comes off with a good scrub. You child will love this for their own activities as they grow, we give it a big thumbs up as a great investment.

4. Knuma Connect

  • Converts to 4 different modes
  • Suitable from 6 months to 6 Years
  • Modern design
  • 5 point harness and tray

Our Verdict

The Knuma Connect is a modern, sleek and stylish option. You won’t be embarrassed to keep this highchair set up in your home as it looks good. It is a bit pricey, but you’ll more than get your money’s worth from this high chair. From early months it provides sturdiness and security for baby. As they get older it converts to a little area to encourage independence and creativity. The chair itself is really light and easy to move around the room wherever you need it.

5. Hauck Alpha

  • Adapts to be used from 6 months to 12 years old
  • Removable cushions
  • Easy to Clean
  • 3 wooden finishes

Our Verdict

If you are looking for a cost effective wooden high chair then check out the Hauck Alpha. This chair is suitable to be used from 6 months old and will adapt to hold a 12 year old child. It’s a good looking chair, and comes with a removable padded cushion to provide extra comfort for your child. It’s at a mid-price chair affordable for most budgets. The tray is easy to removed to push the chair up towards a dining table as they get older. The open ladder design makes it very sturdy and can’t be tipped over by baby.

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Wooden High Chair Buying Guide

Buying Criteria

There are lots of great wooden high chairs, but exactly makes one the ‘best’? This is our criteria for picking our favourite high chairs. If you’re still undecided about which one to buy, use this as a check-list as to how well a high chair will perform.

  • Ease of use – how well does the chair perform on a daily basis. It is easy to use by both parent and baby? How comfortable is it, can it be adjusted one handed, and how easy is it to put a bay or a toddler in and out?
  • Cleaning – Wooden high chairs tend to be much easier to clean as they are non-padded. Check for small crevices which may easily harbour food.
  • Set up – Does the chair require a lot of assembly from the box? Can you store the chair away after use or does it need to stay set up.
  • Safety – Wooden high chairs are often heavier in weight, however this helps to provide a sturdy base and parents tipping over. Asses the type of harness used to check if enough to hold you baby and an active toddler.
  • Price – You’ll find a great wooden high chair for all price brackets, expect to pay around £30 – £200.

Benefits of using a wooden high chair

Looks Good

Whether you like the traditional or a modern look you’ll find a wooden high chair to fit. Wood has a classic look which never goes out of style. The natural colours will go with any décor. If you already have a wooden dining table you can easily find a high chair to match with the same finish so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Easy to Clean

Wooden high chairs are usually pretty basic and unpadded. The simple designs make them easier to clean that most of their plastic rivals. Think about when you’ve used a high chair in a restaurant, they are usually wooden. That’s because they are easier and quicker to clean in-between uses.

No Plastic

With almost weekly reports about how bad plastics are for us, then it no surprise you may want an alternative. By using a wooden high chair you avoid your baby and their food coming into daily contact with excessive plastic.


One you’re finished with your chair it can be recycled and reused. There are some very crafty people out there who are always looking for donations of wooden furniture to give them a new lease of life and transform them into a totally different piece.