Planning to make your own homemade baby food? Then you’ll need some storage pots to keep the food fresh until you use it. Using storage pots means you can prepared meals for your baby weeks ahead of when you need it. Now that’s convenience for you.

There is a lot of choice out there, some good and some bad. We’ve saved you time and narrowed it down to the most popular baby food storage pots and reviewed them for you. Check out what we found.

8 Best Weaning Pots Reviewed

Plastic Weaning Pots

Similar to small Tupperware pots with lids which keep your baby food fresh. Some of these pots are suitable for freezer use and some are not, check before you buy. We do not recommend using regular cheap food storage tubs as these may contain chemicals such as BPA which can be harmful to babies.

Best for:

  • Large portions for older babies
  • Using out and about
  • Snacks

Avoid if

  • You don’t have freezer space
  • You don’ like using plastic

1. Philips AVENT VIA Storage Cups

Pros: all in one feeding system, easy to label, twist lid
Cons: need replaced with wear and tear, take up a lot of space in the freezer

If you are a breastfeeding mum we highly recommend these Philips Avent storage cups. Not only can they be used for storing baby food but the cups are adaptable to secure to a Philips breast pump and teats. These handy little tubs are suitable for microwave, dishwasher and steriliser use.

2. The First Years Sava Bowls

Pros: bright colours, use as snack pots, 8oz capacity
Cons: not water tight, lids can distort in hot water

The First years Sava bowls are the perfect storage solution for older babies and toddlers. You can use these to store large meals, but they are perfect for snacks too. We love the bright colours which are really appealing to children. Extremely convenient to use for meals or snack on the go and suitable for microwave and dishwasher use.

Freezer Weaning Trays

Just like a regular ice cube tray but with a lid to prevent freezer burn on food. Very handy for small portions of first weaning purees. You can freeze small portions and then transfer the blocks into a freezer bag to refill the tray.

Best for:

  • Small portions for younger babies
  • Small Freezers
  • If you’re on a budget


  • Not suitable for out and about
  • Food needs decanted to extra storage

3. OXO Tot Baby Food Freezer Tray

Pros: affordable, lidded tray, easy to empty
Cons: pops out several portions at a time, need to decant to another storage bag/tub

The Oxo Tot freezer tray is a great option for babies who have just started weaning. It creates handy 1oz portions perfect for young babies, or combine them for larger portions as they grow. Rather than using a regular freezer try this set comes with a slid lid which prevents freezer burn and spillages from other foods. The trays are very slim line so won’t take up much room, or stack them when batch cooking.

4. Mumi&Bubi Solids Starter Kit

Pros: freezes up to 42 oz., easy to remove cubes, slim line, stackable
Cons: expensive

The Mumi&Bubi solids kit is a very easy to use freezer tray. It comes with two trays which hold up to 42oz of food in 1oz portions. The shallow, curved shape of the frozen cubes makes it very easy to press out from the underside. No need to worry about running the tray under a tap or potential snapping the tray by twisting it. They are on the expensive side to buy, however they are great if you want to batch cook but are really tight for freezer space.

Silicone Weaning Trays

Similar to a freezer tray but made from flexible silicone material with a lid. These tray offs all the benefits of a freezer tray and more.

Best for:

  • Small to medium sized portions
  • Easy to remove food
  • Multi functional weaning uses
  • Durability


  • Need an even surface or can leak
  • Can leave an aftertaste

5. Mushy Mushy Baby Food Storage

Pros: lid prevents spillage, bacteria resistant, freezer and oven safe, good portion sizes (75ml)
Cons: lid can be fiddly

The Mushy Mushy food pots are a fantastic option for making all sorts of baby foods. Not only can you store and freeze purees but also make oven baked finger foods, jellies and ice lollies. The tray is oven, dishwasher and freezer safe. This tray is very convenient to have in the kitchen regardless of what stage of weaning you’re at. When baby grows you can even use it to teach some baking skills.

6. Annabel Karmel by NUK Food Cube Tray

Pros: lidded tray, 9x 60ml portions, affordable
Cons: deep cubes can be difficult to remove

A great option for second stage of weaning is the food cubes by Annabel Karmel for NUK. The cubes store around 2-3 oz. in one pot, suitable for when your baby needs more. The lid snaps on to protect purees from freezer burn or spillages. The food can be a bit tricky to remove when all pots are full but a quick blast of the underside from a tap usually does the trick. A good performing, budget option, especially if you’re a fan of Annabel Karmel products.

Glass Weaning Containers

If you prefer to avoid plastic products for your baby food then opt for glass storage containers. Similar to the plastic containers but suitable for using in the freezer. It’s important your glass container is freezer safe, or you risk breakages.

Best for:

  • Medium to large portions
  • Avoiding plastics
  • Recycling
  • Storing fats (which can absorb plastic)


  • Can break if dropped
  • Expensive

7. Wean Green Glass Cubes

Pros: Durable, clip lock lids, colourful, large portions
Cons: Expensive, difficult to remove food

These Wean Green Glass Cubes are made from tempered glass making them ultra-durable to use whilst being plastic free. No need to worry about chemicals leeching into your baby’s food whilst freezing or thawing. We love the bright coloured clip-on lids which keeps the food airtight sealed. Each pot hold up to 40z of food, so they are more suited for the later stages of weaning.

8. Green Sprout Glass Storage Cubes

Pros: small portions, easy to label, serving size marks, stackable
Cons: not watertight

For a glass weaning pot which stores smaller portions check out the Green Sprout Storage Cubes. We love the markings on the side which indicate how much food is in the jar, making it easier to fill with less for than a full 2oz jar. They come with a stand and easy peel labels making the super easy to store purees in the freezer.

Weaning Pot Review Criteria

This the criteria we matched all out reviewed weaning pots against to assess how well they performed.

  • Freshness – Keeping the food fresh enough to be used for later is the main aim of the storage pots. We assessed whether the pots were suitable to freeze and if they had lids to prevent contamination or freezer burn when in storage.
  • Ease of Use – How easy are the pots to add and remove the food, especially when frozen. Do the lids fit on easily, and do they prevent spills or leaks when in storage?
  • Capacity – Pots we reviewed ranged from 1oz up to 8 oz. portions. The capacity you need will depend on which stage f weaning your baby is at. Small babies require small portions around 1-2oz and older babies requires 3oz+ at each meal.
  • Ease of cleaning – We assessed how easy the storage container were to clean. Models which were dishwasher safe scored high.
  • Durability – You want your pots to last for the duration of weaning. Some materials such as silicone and glass are more durable than plastic storage, however they are more expensive.

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Best Weaning Pots

Benefits of Baby Weaning Pots

If you are considering using whatever food storage tub you have lying around the house, then check out the benefits of using specialist baby weaning pots

Small Portions

The small individualised portion sizes of weaning pots and trays means less waste, especially when babies are young and require small amounts. With small portions you only need to defrost what you need, and this will cut down on the number of time you have to cook and store.

Convenient Meals

Having freezer safe weaning pots meaning you only have to cook a large batch of food one and freeze until you need it. This cuts down on daily cooking and washing which can leave your reaching for the jarred food. The convenience and time saving elements of freezing batch homemade food are huge benefits of making your own baby food.

Space Saving

Buying baby food jars can use up a lot of space in your cupboards. Storing food in your fridge or freezer cuts down on the space needed as weaning pots are often designed to be slim line and stackable, unlike regular plastic containers.

Money Saving

Buying jarred baby food can quickly add up over time. Storing your own baby food can reduce costs of your shopping bill by buying fresh foods which can be eaten by all the family.

Safe for Baby

Using regular plastic tubs may save you the cost of buying extra weaning pots, however it doesn’t mean they are safe for baby to use. Most baby products need to be at least BPA free, which can’t be promised by using cheap plastic tubs.