What are the best weaning bowls?

If you’ve opted for spoon led weaning, you’re going to need kitted out. A weaning bowl is the best option for holding purees and mashed foods whilst you feed baby. As your baby grows they can take control and start to feed themselves.

Walk into a baby aisle in a shop and you’ll be faced with so much choice for weaning products. Each one claims to be the best, so if you’re feeling bamboozled we’re here to help out. If you’re a complete beginner check out our buying guide below.

We’ve researched all the option on the market and selected our top 5 to review. Check out what we found.

Top 5 Best Weaning Bowls

1. Philips AVENT Bowls

Our Verdict

If you’re a fan of Avent baby products you’ll love the Philips weaning bowls. They come with a really fun ‘story telling’ design which can make mealtimes more interesting for babies. You can pop them in the microwave and dishwasher without causing any damage. The pack contains a small bowl and a large size which is great for bigger portions as they grow. We love the non-slip ring around the base which stops the bowl skidding along the table or tray.

2. Clevamama Bowl

Our Verdict

The Clevermama feeding bowls are the sturdiest of the bowl we tested. The plastic is thick and will withstand a lot of dropping and bashing. It comes with an in built suction mat which makes it difficult for baby to tip the bowl until they learn exactly how to release it (trust us they always do!). The bowl itself is dishwasher safe, however we recommend hand washing the suction mat.

3. Vital Baby Bowl

Our Verdict

These Vital Baby weaning bowls are the perfect solution if you are often out and about at meal times. The bowl has a lid attached to keep food safely inside. The lid itself has a small storage area to hold the weaning spoon, which makes a handy compact set. The bowl is very lightweight, hold a good amount and is very easy to clean.

4. Tommee Tippee Explora Bowl

Our Verdict

Tommee Tippee are well known for their high quality baby products and their Explora weaning bowls are no different. They hold a good portion size which is great for growing appetites. They are very easy to hold by parents while spoon feeding. You’ll need to buy a separate suction mat if you want baby to tip the bowl over. A great price for a durable, convenient set of bowls.

5. The First Years Sava Semi Disposable Bowls

Our Verdict

These tiny little rainbow pots are a great grab and go option by The First Years. Use them to store food and feed baby from the same bowl, perfect homemade meals. They are both freezer and microwave safe, so great for making batches of food. It cuts down of washing up and is super convenient for a busy lifestyle. They are easy to store with their lids on in the fridge or a bag as they are compact. Plus you can reuse them again and again.

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Best Weaning Bowls reviews

Weaning Bowl Buying Guide

Criteria for Weaning Bowls

So you need to buy weaning bowls, but with so much choice how to you narrow it down and decide which ones to pick. This is the criteria we used to choose our favourite weaning bowls. Even if you don’t agree with our choices, these can help you find the best weaning bowls for your baby.

  • Ease of use – is the bowl useful for everyday life? If is easy to use by baby without food spilling everywhere. Is it easy for parent to hold whilst spoon-feeding. Is it microwave safe for heat up meals?
  • Ease of cleaning – Weaning bowls get very messy and they will be used a few times a day. Look out for one which are dishwasher safe or made from stain resistant material.
  • Durability – How long will the plate last? Will it misshape with heat, or break when it’s dropped onto the ground?
  • Spillage prevention – Weaning is messy, however there are some design tactic which can help to reduce mess. A deep bowl can help baby use cutlery themselves. Look out for bowl with suction mats as they are useful for preventing young babies tipping the bowl.
  • Materials – most baby bowl will be made from plastic as it makes them lightweight and easy to clean. All plastic baby products should at least be BPA free, however if they are free from more chemical components the better. Alternative materials are wood, ceramic or stainless steel bowls, unfortunately these are not widely available to buy in the UK.
  • Transportation – Bowls are very handy to use on the go if they come with lids or built in cutlery. Ensure the lids are leak proof and won’t pop of in your bag.

Advantages of using a weaning bowl

  • Safety – allow baby to become accustomed to eating dishes without the danger of them breaking a regular plate. They are also lightweight so they won’t hurt baby if they decide to tip the bowl on their head, or throw it on the ground.
  • Convenience – Weaning bowls should be easy to clean or microwavable. This makes life so much easier for when you’re a busy parent who is short on time.
  • Be Prepared – Use your bowl and take homemade meals with you wherever you go. Or, if you prefer to use jar foods, you’ll have a dish on hand for feeding baby.