Snack pots are fantastic for when your baby is eating finger foods. They are small self-contained bowls designed to hold a snack for your baby without the contents spilling. It helps you to give your little one a snack whilst they walk around or even when out and about.

There is a lot of choice for snack bowls, but which ones are the best? Check out our buying guide below, for what feature to lookout for. We researched all the snack pots available to buy in the UK and tested them against our strict criteria. The snack bowls which scored highest made our top 5. Check out which ones we picked.

Best Snack Pots for Toddlers – Top 5 Reviews

Munchkin Snack Catcher

Pros: mess free, simple to fill, easy to use, handles
Cons: can be tricky for little one to pull hand back out

Our Verdict

The Munchkin Snack catcher is a great little snack pot to keep mess off the floor. The lid is designed to keep the contents in but is soft and flexible for little hands to reach in a pull the food out. It’s great for on the go as your little one can easily hold with the double handles. It even has little grips in the opening to remove food debris from your kids’ hands as they use it. The rubber bases is great for preventing the pot falling easily from surfaces and making a mess.

Nuby Imonster Snack Keeper

Pros: fun design, prevents mess, easy to hold
Cons: silicone may be too stiff for younger children

Our Verdict

To add a little fun to your toddlers snack time check out the Imonster Snack keeper. You little one puts there hand through the ‘teeth’ and into the mouth to grab the snack out. The silicone is slightly stiff but the benefit is keeping the food inside without spilling out. The cup is the perfect size for snacks and for toddlers to hold onto easily. It’s nice and chunky and very durable for the unavoidable drops.

Vital Baby Trap-a-Snack

Pros: chunky handle, soft lid, easy to fill, easy clean
Cons: soft lid can sometime cause spills

Our Verdict

The Vital Baby Trap a Snack has a lid which is soft enough for children to operate easily. The softness does slightly compromise how well it hold the contents but usually only if the pot is vigorously shaken. Otherwise is a great performer, very easy to fill and compact to store in a bag when out and about. The single chunky handle is a great design of little hands making it very easy to hold.

OXO Tot Flip Top Snack Cup

Pros: best for older babies, holds a good amount, compact, solid lid
Cons: spills with lid open

Our Verdict

The perfect cup for older babies is the Oxo Tot Flip top. The pot is designed with a flip top lid which is secure but easy to open. This snack pot really encourages independence in children with easy access to the food. We love the shape of the pot as its perfect size for a cup holder in a car, making it ideal for snacks on a long journeys.

Brother Max Snack Pot Bowl

Pros: suitable for all ages, non-spill lid, easy to use handle, sturdy
Cons: handle may be too narrow for younger babies

Our Verdict

The Brother Max snack pot also doubles up as a bowl too. You can use it when baby starts weaning, for purees, convert it to a spill proof snack pot with the accessible lid, or let them use it as a carry bowl when they grow. The handle it easy to use by adults and toddlers, but can be attached to a chair to keep it close when in a pushchair. Simple, effective and very easy to clean.

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Best Snack Pots for Toddlers

Toddler Snack Pot Buying Guide

Review Criteria

  • Ease of use – we considered how easy the pots were to use by parent and toddlers. We considered features such as handles and lids. We considered dhow easy they were to fill by parents and empty by toddlers.
  • Durability – The snack pot will inevitably get thrown a few times. We considered how well the snack pots held together when dropped from heights or chucked across a room.
  • Spillage – What design features does the pot have to prevent your little one spilling tiny bits of food everywhere? Can it be tipped upside down without losing all the contents? This criteria goes hand in hand with durability.
  • Cleaning – As with all baby eating equipment it gets messy numerous times a day. Is the snack pot easy to clean by hand or even by a dishwasher?
  • Price – Snack pots are fairly inexpensive and you’ll find good models available at all price ranges. Expect to pay around £3- £7 for most snack pots.

Advantages of toddler snack pots


There is no need to set up a high chair or have your child confined to a table whilst they snack. The bowl is easy enough for your little one to carry and access the snack.

Less Mess

You can use a regular bowl or tub for your babies snacks, however they are not designed to be both durable or prevent spillage. For safety we recommend you don’t give snack to your children in regular ceramic bowls as they can break if dropped. Regular weaning bowls can be used but be prepared to clean up a lot of mess.


Your baby can snack as much or as little as they want as they are in control. Snack pots are great for improving your child’s dexterity as they pick up the snack from inside the bowl and manoeuvre it out.

Encourage healthy eating

Offering healthy snack such as fruit will allow them to pack in extra vitamins and minerals between meals. This is particularly handy if your child doesn’t eat much at mealtimes, or is rather fussy about what they do eat.


The pot will keep the food inside safe and prevents any spill which your little one may eat off the floor! If you have pets it keeps they from eating any of the food whilst baby is distracted.