Looking for the best sleep aids for babies?

If your baby is between 6-12 months old you’re probably looking to establish a sleep routine. It’s a common age to move the little one into their own room. Helping your little one to develop healthy sleep habits will ensure your family returns to sleeping through the night.

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Sleep aid for babies are perfect for helping exhausted new parent to get more sleep. They help create the perfect sleep environment for your baby. Whether this is your first baby or your fifth, this list of baby sleep aids will give you a few techniques to tackle any bedtime challenges. Let’s help you catch some zzz’s.

9 Best Sleep Aids for Babies

1. Bedtime Book

Reading your baby a book is a classic techniques used by parents. A familiar book read night after night provides a comforting cue for your little one to nod off. Some parent start reading bedtime stories to their baby as soon as they fall pregnant. The familiarity of the sounds and words reassures your baby they are safe.

We find the best rated bedtime books are simple yet hypnotic. Chose one with lots of repetition, soothing words and familiarity to everyday life. Our favourite classic sleep book for babies is Goodnight Moon. If you want a great story that will grow with your child then opt for the popular Dr Seuss Sleep book.

2. Night Light

Pitch black rooms make some little ones easily scared. Adding a soft night light to the room will add a soft glow to the room. They are great for kids who are toilet trained to find their way to the bathroom in the night. When you baby is still little they help you to tend to baby without having to put on a lamp or main room light.

We recommend a soft yellow night light. Blue or white toned lights are known to cause more sleep disruption. Colour changing lights are very soothing for autistic children. Night lights are perfect for portability when your little one stays over with family.

3. Humidifier

A humidifier is a device which helps to increase the humidity of your baby’s room. This can help improve your babies breathing and sleep. We love them for when your baby has a cold as it eases a blocked nose or cough. and reduce the risk of allergies or infections in children. Some parents worry the sound of a humidifier can disturb babies sleep. In fact the regular mechanical hum can actually soothe your baby.

Humidifiers are a great way to diffuse sleep inducing essential oils into the room. Popular aromatherapy oils such as lavender and chamomile are safe to use with babies and children.

4. White Noise Machine

When babies are in the womb they hear a lot of rhythmic sound from the body organs. That same constant buzz or rhythm is very soothing to a baby. White sound machines are great for a nursery as you baby feel the safety and comfort of the womb.

A white noise machine help you to repeat this sound throughout the night so baby get a good sleep. Most models have a variety of sounds, one of which you baby will be drawn to. Common sound include heartbeat, rain and lullabies. It is advised to keep any sound machines on the lowest setting and as far away from baby’s bed as possible. This reduces any risk to your babies hearing development. If you have any concerns opt for a machine which has an auto switch off after a certain time.

5. Sleep Toy


When your baby won’t sleep without the reassurance of touch then a sleep toy is a great way to transition to their own space. They are a combination of a night light and white noise machine in one.  The bestseller on the market is the highly rates Ewan the Sheep. He combines a soft pink light with a variety of soothing rounds.

You can use these toys like regular toys so your baby can carry them around in the daytime.  We would highly recommend this if you are stuck for a gift to give new parents.

6. Sleep Trainer Clock

If your little one likes to wake you at far-to-early o’clock then try a sleep trainer clock. These are designed to help young children who can’t yet read a regular clock. It helps them to understand if it’s a good time to wake up for the day.

We love these clock for when the clocks go forward or back for daylight saving. The old fashioned method of sleeping when it dark and waking when it light goes down the pan during these periods. The Gro-Clock is the best seller on the market with it simple to use stars and sun display.

7. Blackout Blind

Natural light can be a problem when trying to get your little one to sleep. Summer months are particularly hard when it’s still light at bedtime. Attaching a black out blind to your windows can help to create a night time atmosphere.

Blackout blinds can be purchased as a fixed blind, or a portable curtain. The portable options are handy for travelling or when your baby stays over with family. They come with suction cups for easy attachment and removal. Try to look for a kit which can be customised to the size of your window for a perfect fit.

8. Light Projector

A good alternative to a constant night light is a light projector. These machines will project light pictures onto the dark roof. The shapes and soothing colours are mesmerising and help kids drift off into a deep sleep. The lights help to reassure them until they nod off. Some models come with various switch off times from 15-45 minutes.

Some of the machine will combine the lights with a white noise machine. We highly recommend avoiding moving images to avoid overstimulating them. These machines are also ideal for using as your baby wakes in the morning and begins to play their cot.

9. Thermometer

For a safe and comfortable sleep environment the temperature need to be right. Anything between 16-20⁰C is a good temperature. This ensures they are not too hot nor too cold, as both can lead to a restless night. You can check with a cheap room thermometer but these are often unreliable so we’d recommend digital.

Some baby monitors will have one built in so you can have an accurate reading. We particularly love the Gro-egg as it the colour change shows you at a quick glance whether the room temp is ideal or not.

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