What’s the best nursing chair? If you’re looking for a comfortable place to breast or bottle feed your baby a nursing chair is a great investment. A good quality chair will provide a relaxing environment and will give you support to prevent bad backs and sore arms.

Figuring out the best nursing chair can be confusing if you don’t know what to look for. Mama Union have done all the research for you and created this resource. Keep reading for our nursing chair buying guide and reviews.

Top 5 Best Nursing Chair Reviews

1. Sereno Nursing Glider

Pros: thick padding, arm storage, glider lock, recline, foot rest, wipe clean
Cons: only one light fabric colour

The Sereno Nursing Chair is the best-selling nursing chair on our list. Extra thick padding makes this chair feel luxurious to sit it, both comfortable and supporting. We love the recline option for extra relaxation or different feeding positions. The glider can also lock to provide a sturdy seat.

It’s so easy to use with its wipe clean fabric and arm storage. The foot rest really helps when your legs are swollen and tired, improving your blood flow and reducing fluid. The chair is available in a cream fabric with a white or natural wood finish. You’ll pay around £140 for this chair.

2. Habebe Glider

Pros: comfortable, washable covers, recline, foot stool, variety of colours
Cons: no glide lock on basic model, poor assembly manual

The Habebe Glider chair is a great value for money option. The chair isn’t overly padded but it’s still really comfortable. We love that the covers can be removed to be washed when they get dirty. There is also a variety of wood finished and fabric colours to match your baby’s nursery.

The chair has 7 recline positions so you can nod off in comfort. The basic model doesn’t have a brake option, however you can pay a little extra for this safety feature. The foot rest is a great finishing touch, and it has a silent glide. The model with brake lock cost around £120.

3. Tutti Bambini Glider

Pros: easy assembly, smooth glide, footrest, storage pockets, wipe clean
Cons: Would benefit from slightly more padding

The Tutti Bambini Glider is one of the highest rated nursing chair in the UK. The soft suede like fabric and contoured back makes this chair comfortable to sit in. The fabric is wipe clean so you can quickly mop up any spills. We love the side pockets to store those little extras for feeding such as muslin cloths.

The Chair is made from sturdy beech wood and really easy to set up and has a smooth glide action. Its wide arms give you lots of room to manoeuvre baby. It’s available in four neutral colours of beige, gold, brown and grey to suit most nursery décor. Expect to pay around £180 for this nursing chair.

4. Kub Chatsworth Glider

Pros: modern look, soft fabric, wide arm rests, footrest
Cons: expensive

The Kub Chatsworth is a modern looking high chair which stand out from our other picks. The white wood finish, grey fabric and soft curved edges make it look like a regular piece of furniture. We love that the glider part are inbuilt into the seat area so it looks sleek on the bottom.

The fabric is very soft and comfortable, with a matching cushion if you need extra support for your arms or back. The arm rest are designed for various breastfeeding positons and wide enough to prevent arm ache when feeding. This chair costs around £400.

5. Babylo Deluxe Glider

Pros: metal base, wipe clean, storage pockets, recline, swivel, footrest
Cons: metal base visible

The Babylo Deluxe Glider is a great alternative to wooden glider chairs. The frame is made from metal and finished with a very padded leatherette finish. Sitting on this nursing chair is like sitting on your own soft, so comfortable but with required support.

You can turn any way you want in this chair with easy as it glides, reclines and swivels. It’s the widest option of our top 5, giving lots or room for feeding and movement. You can also keep your essentials to hand with double side pockets. Comes in a brown or white colour, and costs between £150-£200 depending on online offers.

Nursing Chair Basics

Buying Guide

Before you buy a nursing chair you should know which features to look out for that will provide most benefit for you and your baby.

Ease of use

We looked at how easy the chair was to use on a daily basis. We researched how easy the chair is to get in and out, glide and extra features such a brake.


Getting comfortable in your nursing chair is important. The chair need to provide padding as well as back and arm support. Extra comfort features include recline, foot rest and wide arms.


Feeding your baby can get messy with the occasional milk spill or vomit. We’ve rated how easy each chair is to clean, is it wipe clean only or can you remove the whole cover?


A good nursing chair has storage pocket to hold feeding items such as wipes, bottles and muslin cloths. Keeping these to hand ensure you don’t need to get up during a feed or disturb a sleeping baby.


You can find a nursing chair suitable for most budgets. We recommend making an investment in a good quality nursing chair. Expect to pay around £100 – £1000 for a baby high chair.

Types of Nursing Chair


This type of nursing chair provides a smooth back and forth action by sliding along runners. As it requires more mechanism it’s usually more expensive than a rocking chair. A glider chair is often sturdy and provides a very smooth motion. For safety its best to buy a glider chair with a brake to steady the chair when getting in or out.


A traditional rocker chairs work by two curved legs on rocking back and forth. Rocking chairs are very traditional and have a nostalgic feel to them. They are often cheaper that glider chairs, however they don’t come with additional features such as brakes or recline.

Advantages of Using a Nursing Chair

Back support

Correct support for your back is important when breast or bottle feeding. It’s a task you will do 8-12 times a day with a new-born and excessive strain will lead to backache. A good nursing chair will provide support for your neck and lower back.

Correct feeding positions

A nursing chair is designed with a back and arm rest which will allow you to change feeding position when breastfeeding. A recline option allows to adopt side lying or biological nursing positions.


Even if you’re not feeding your chair can be used as a time to put your feet up and relax. If you’re still pregnant a nursing chair can provide padded relief for a sore pelvis, or reduce fluid retention in your legs.


Setting up a feeding station is important, especially if your breastfeeding. It acts as a private safe haven for you to relax and feed without interruption or distraction. If it’s in baby’s nursery it’s a good excuse to go feed baby if family are visiting.

Soothe Baby

Baby’s love a rocking motion. If you’re struggling to get baby to sleep, a nursing chair works really well.

Beyond Babyhood

Although a nursing chair is an expensive investment, it lasts way past the feeding stages. Use it as a bonding chair for you and baby such as reading books or looking a pictures together. Your little one will associate the chair with love and comfort.

Anatomy of a Nursing Chair

Nursing chair pictured: Kub Chatsworth

Back – A nursing chair should provide support for your upper and lower back. Lumbar support prevents your developing a sore back when feeding baby.

Armrests – A wide armrest gives the support you need to hold your baby upright to breast or bottle feed. Contoured arms with narrow sides allows you to change baby’s positions if you’re breastfeeding.

Seat – A wide seat give you enough room to move with ease when feeding. Padding is important for preventing discomfort. Extra padding takes pressure away from your perineal area which is especially important during those first few days after birth.

Foot Rest – A foot rest is fantastic for putting up your feet to improve your circulation and reduce swollen feet. It also helps you to steady yourself and keep good posture whilst feeding your baby.

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