A nursing bra is one accessory you should not overlook as a breastfeeding mum. A breastfeeding bra will give you easy front access to your breasts without having to pull up the whole bra or take it off. As they are made from breathable materials such as cotton, this helps to prevent you developing nasty conditions like thrush.

Using a good nursing bra with soft fabric will prevent unnecessary pressure on your breasts, which can lead to painful blocked ducts. Whatever your needs, you’re sure to find a design which is perfect for you.

Mama Union has found you the best nursing bras on the market today.

7 Best Nursing Bras

The Popular One – Bravado Body Silk

If nursing bras had a popularity contest, the Bravado Body Silk bra would definitely be crowed the queen. The seamless silk fabric helps to mould the bra to your body shape, making it so comfortable. Bravado nursing bras are the hot choice of celebrities including Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox.

We don’t think the foam cups are necessary. However, it’s a handy to be able to replace them with a breast pad to prevent leaks. The funky pattern and bright colours makes this nursing bra a little more ‘eye candy’ appeal than the regular frumpy designs. You can convert the straps into regular bra when you stop breastfeeding. That’s pretty much two bras for the price of one. Apparently Jennifer Garner loves to wear hers to yoga classes!

The Budget One – CoffeePop Nursing

Let’s face it, buying bras is very expensive, so when you find a great bra at a great price it’s a bonus. A great affordable design in the CoffeePop Nursing Bra, which comes highly recommended from other mums.

The main compliment was that these bras were so comfortable to wear. If you have a larger chest you may want to consider a more supportive bra as this one is quite loose with no underwire. We love that you can get it in a range of colours, and at such a great price you can get them all for the price of one expensive bra.

The Modern One – Carriwell Seamless Gelwire

If you need a bra with underwire, this bra will give you the extra support you are looking for without the discomfort. It’s unique design has replaced the metal underwire with a flexible gel ‘wire’ which curves to your body.

We love that this bra allows your breasts to expand up two cup sizes. It also has nice wide sides for support. If your breast have grown a lot in pregnancy and you need that extra support then consider this bra. Although it’s a littler pricier than most, it means you only really need the one size for a great fit during all stages of breastfeeding.

The Supportive One – Elomi Beatrice

If you have a large chest you may be finding it difficult to find a nursing bra with decent support. The problem being that the tight fit features of regular plus size bras can cause problems with milk flow. The Elomi Beatrice is the perfect nursing bra for breastfeeding with for large breasts.

It has a huge range of cups sizes from 36DD up to 40JJ. There is no need to worry the the bust clips won’t hold up, as this bra has a squeeze clip feature to prevent them accidentally opening, and leaving you exposed! Mums have recommend this bra as it is comfortable to wear for long periods of time as the material is soft yet supportive.

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The Pretty One – HotMilk Luminous

We actually didn’t think it was possible to find a nursing bra that was both pretty and practical – then along comes the HotMilk Luminous. It’s gorgeous silk fabric and lace detail will make you feel like you’re wearing normal underwear and not a frumpy granny bra.

Mums rate this highly because it’s very supportive and a great fit. If you have a plus sized chest you are not left out, this bra is available in sizes up to a 42H. HotMilk have some other gorgeous nursing bra designs so check them out if the Luminous is a bit too girly and frilly for your tastes.

The Pumping One – Simple Wishes Hands Free

It’s technically not an everyday nursing bra, but one which you consider if you also want to use a breast pump. This bustier strapless style ‘bra’, is designed with holes in the cups. This holds on to your electric breast pump and allows you to express ‘hands free’. Expressing can take up valuable time in your day. This this bra enables you to tend to baby or reply to emails whilst using your breast pump.

The generic design allows you to use this bra with any breast pump. It’s strong enough to support bottles full of milk, so no crying over spilled milk. Fluctuating breast sizes are accommodated up to 10 inches with the bustier’s adjustable, velcro fastening. We would suggest wearing this over a regular nursing bra. Take it off when not expressing as it’s a bit too bulky to be worn around for long periods of time.

The Sleep One – Medela Sleep Bra

The perfect mix of lying flat and filling breasts makes for leaky boobs at night. You’ll need to wear a bra and breast pads to bed to prevent your bed sheet becoming soaked. We recommend the Medela Night Time Sleep Bra. It has a crossover design to give you convenient access whilst lying flat.

For a comfortable nights sleep this bra is seamless with no tags or clips to dig into you. Remember, a sleep bra shouldn’t be used for everyday use as it’s much lighter support than a regular nursing bra.

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7 Best Nursing Bras Every Breastfeeding Mum Needs