A good quality, comfortable, effective breast pump can make all the difference between continuing breastfeeding and giving up. Thankfully, you don’t have to do with poorly made, ineffective breast pumps if you don’t want to.

The Medela brand is the best-known breastfeeding brand on the market. The reliability and quality of their products are the reasons mums rate the pumps so highly.
They have a breast pump to meet the needs of everyone including mums who:

  • are on a budget
  • express occasionally
  • pump for medical reasons
  • need to build a milk supply
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Top 5 Best Rated Medela Breast Pump Reviews

We’re going to look at five of the best Medela breast pumps, based on reviews by mums who have used them.

1. Harmony

If you’re looking for an easy, comfortable, inexpensive breast pump to express milk occasionally, then look no further than the Medela Harmony. This model is the only manual breast pump available from the Medela brand. The Harmony sells for around £40 but check for great deals online. Amazon occasionally has this on sale for around £20; this pump is a steal at that price.

Mums who have used this pump state that it’s extremely well made and durable. They love that it more advanced than other manual pumps as it allows you to pump with two different rhythms to mimic your baby’s sucking behaviour. This feature gives you a much more effective pump and you will get more milk when expressing. Expect to get around 5-6 oz in 10-20 minutes with this pump.

The issue most mums have with manual pumps is that they are not powerful enough for pumping frequently. We don’t recommend this pump if you plan to pump more than once a week. An electric breast pump will do the job much quicker and maintain your supply better than a manual. Keep reading for our reviews of Medela Electric breast pump models.

We highly recommend this pump if you will be away from  your baby on the odd occasion and need to pump for only a few feeds.

2. Swing

The Medela Swing is by far the best selling electric breast pump in the UK. This pump has won awards from Which? Best buys and Parenting and Baby Magazine Awards as the best breast pump. You can check out our full in-depth review here.

This Swing is designed for frequent use, so if you plan to pump up to twice a day, this is the model for you. This single pump has a ‘two-phase’ expression mimics baby’s feeding behaviour, so you express more milk. However, if you want the effectiveness of the Swing but in half the time, then check out its big sister, a double version, the Swing Maxi.

Mums who use this pump have pointed out how portable it is, due to the lightweight, compact motor. A bonus is that you can use it with batteries as well as plugged to the mains, so it travels well.

One drawback of this pump is that it is an ‘open system’ pump which means its single user only. If you plan to buy this pump just be aware that you should not share the pump.

The biggest concern with spending around £100 on a breast pump is whether it will be worth it. This pump is reliable and effective, and you’ll most likely use it if you plan to have more babies. A lot of mum who have used this have already wasted money of a cheap electric or manual breast pump and been let down with the performance. If you’re looking for a great performing pump don’t be swayed only by price, it’s a false economy, and you’ll wish you purchased quality in the first place. For a great bargain with the Swing expect to pay around £110, any less than this snap it up.

For the frequent expresser, the swing is our No1 choice of personal use breast pump. Simply read the reviews for yourself.

3. Swing Maxi

The Swing Maxi is a powerful and effective breast pump for frequent pumping (up to 5 times daily). This model is the double version of the best-selling Medela Swing. Coming in just under £250 this pump is expensive, but it’s quick, convenient and quiet. If you are looking for a reliable double pump to express milk for a long time, then consider investing in the Swing Maxi.

Mums who have reviewed this pump do so after using multiple times a day, for a long time and often with more than one child. That volume of use shows how hard working this pump is. This pump is also loved for how quickly it expresses milk, and most importantly how comfortable it is when expressing. You can easily control the speed and suction setting to levels suited to you.

We would recommend this pump if you want to pump frequently at home as well as returning to work.

4. Freestyle

The Medela Freestyle is a great hands free option for busy mums. Pumping can take a lot of time out your day. With the Freestyle you can express as you do chores or look after baby and siblings. The freedom it gives you means it’s also a great option if you are still expressing when you return to work.

It travels really well, as the most compact Medela motor. It comes with a handy storage bag and a cooler bag to keep your milk at the right temperature until you get home. The rechargeable battery holds up to 3 hours’ worth of pumping time. It’s ideal to pump in places where you don’t have a power supply.

The biggest downside of this pump is the price. At around £350 it’s costly, and we’d say the Swing Maxi is better value for money. However, the convenience this pump offers over the Maxi may be worth the additional £100.

5. Symphony

The Symphony is Medela’s hospital grade breast pump designed for frequent to exclusive use. You may have already used this pump on the postnatal ward in the hospital. It is available to buy in the UK but extremely expensive (we’re talking thousands here). Your best option is to rent for around £50 a month.

We highly recommend this pump if you are planning to pump exclusively. The motor is powerful enough to deal with the frequent use and is unlikely to break down or lose suction.

One of the main concerns with the pump was that it’s not very portable as it’s quite heavy. This is due to the motor requirements, needed for its performance. So it’s not the best pump if you travel frequently or need to take to work.

Mums who use this frequently state that once you are accustomed to using the pump, you will get fantastic results. It’s quick, comfortable, easy to use and reliable.

This pump will need serious consideration before purchasing. Yet it will last a lifetime and is a closed system, so can be sold on when no longer required. We say this is a great investment for exclusive expresser, particularly if you are just starting your family.

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