With busy modern life it makes sense that many mums will choose to express milk with a breast pump. If you don’t need to pump regularly, then a manual breast pump can be the perfect solution. Yet, finding the best manual breast pump can be a challenge, there are so many models to choose from. Mama Milk have compiled a comparison chart of some of the best on the market. Check it out.

Top 5 Manual Breast Pump Reviews

This is our list of the most highly rated manual breast pumps. They are in no particular order, Ultimately your choice will come down to which pump suits your needs the most.

1. Lansinoh Manual

The Lansinoh manual breast pump is highly recommended amongst mums. It’s natural to want to buy from trusted baby brands, and Lansinoh is certainly that. The brand have put a lot of effort into making the pump extremely comfortable to use with the Comfort Seal cushion. Mums particularly commented how this great this was, even those with sensitive and small breasts. Apart from getting a breast pump at a great price (Under £30) this pump always scorer really high for home user friendly it is.

We would recommend this pump to mums who are still undecided as the whether they will use a pump or not. It’s a great price and you’ll be thankful you prepared when you have a crying baby and you need one last minute. This pump is also great if you’ve tested out some electric breast pumps and found the suction to be too strong or the motor noise irritating.

2. Medela Harmony

This is the only manual in Medela breast pump range. It’s the most expensive manual breast pump on the market, and not far off the price of their cheapest electric breast pump. That being said Medela is a very recommended breastfeeding brand, so they know their stuff. The pump features a two phase expression to provide short, quick suction until he milk flows and then long, slow sucks to collect the milk. Most mums will buy the Medela Harmony for guaranteed longevity, or at least the great customer support Medela gives. If you want to be in control of a steady suction without the noise of an electrical breast pump, then consider the Medela.

3. Ameda One

The Ameda One was designed specifically for mums who are ‘on the go’. With custom fit and control features to ensure comfort and efficiency. Its affordable to buy at under £30. You may also notice the design is different to most other manual pumps. The handle is a squeeze motion rather than a press motion, so it will be down to personal preference if this is more suited to you.

A fantastic feature is that the shield fits onto any generic type bottles, which is always handy as there is no need to decant if you are using a different brand of bottles. Suited to the occasional pumper, but also consider this breast pump if you have smaller breast or larger breast because you can benefit from Ameda large range of breast shield sizes.

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4. Philips Avent SCF310-20

Avent is a well known UK baby feeding brand who make some highly recommended baby products. This SCF310-20 manual pump is a steal if you can get it with online offers, often under £20. The pump comes with the same great petal cushion design as the brands electric breast pump.

We love the wide pump lever as it makes it so much easier to pump, especially if you easily get hand fatigue. This pump is interchangeable with all Avent bottles, although you do get a small feeder bottle with the pump. Mums who have decided to start pumping regularly have gone on to use the electric version and find the milk yield similar.

5. Nuby Natural Touch Comfort

The Nuby Comfort Manual pump s one of the best you can buy under £30. Nuby have put a lot of thought into creating this pump and it shows. The comfort features will leave you feeling relaxed whilst you pump.

The package comes with a travel cover, extra bottles, sealing discs, a stand and additional breast pads. It’s a sturdy piece of equipment and will help you express around 2 ounces in 10 minutes. We really recommend this pump if you plan on pumping on the odd occasion as you’ll have all you need in one great priced package.

How to use a Manual Breast Pump

Advantages of a Manual Breast Pump

There are a few benefits to using a manual pump to express breast milk.

  • They are inexpensive. A Manual pump will allow you to save money as the original outlay is less than an electric breast pump. There are also no additional power supply costs with a manual pump.
  • They are hygienic. No need to worry about mold forming within the motor as the milk only comes in to contact with part you can clean and sterilise.
  • Easy to assemble. You won’t be faffing around with tubing or power cables, as they have very few parts. The simplistic design makes them so much easier to clean too.
  • Easy to use. You won’t need to learn any complicated dials or icons as they work with a simple hand pump action. Giving you
  • Comfort. Pump at a rate which makes you feel relaxed, the pump action gives you full control over speed of the suction.
  • Portable. They are very easy to travel with due to the lightweight and compact design.
  • Very quiet. Pump discreetly in a public area or a work, the lever design makes it virtually silent when in use.

How do I find the best manual breast pump for me?

When you are looking to buy a manual breast pump, these are the features you should consider:

  • Handle Design. Check is the handle design is practical i.e. will it be easy to pump one handed for a period of 20 minutes or so?
  • Bottle Collection. Can you use most standard size bottle to collect the milk or does it work with same brand bottle only? It’s also a bonus if the pump comes with extra bottles, lids and teats to feed baby and store the milk.
  • Holder Stand. It’s a simple feature but extremely hand for storing your pump in a cupboard. If you need to quickly put the bottle down while expressing a stand is hand for ensuring the top heavy pump does not topple over and spill all your hard earned milk.
  • Carry Bag. This is handy for keep all the pieces together, and also make the pump very discreet for traveling.
  • Comfort Features. Some breast pumps will come with cushioned breast shields or different funnel sizes to ensure a proper fit. The cushions in a funnel can help to ‘massage’ the breast which encourage milk flow. A mum who feels comfortable using her breast pump will express more milk as it will encourage her hormones to release more milk.

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The Best Manual Breast Pump Reviews