Nothing is more precious to you than your new born baby, and you only want the best for them. With recent health scares into the safety of plastic baby bottles, you don’t want to take the risk. Anything which the bottle is made of will come into contact with the milk and into baby’s system. Glass baby bottles are high quality and chemical alternatives for you and baby.

Let’s take a look at some of the best glass baby bottles we’d recommend.

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Top 5 Best Glass Baby Bottles

1. NUK First Choice

The NUK  First Choice is  a popular galss baby bottle with a cute little design. It comes with a soft latex, anti-colic teat, designed for breastfed babies to have the occasional bottle. They heat up easily, which means baby is less likely to cry from frustration of waiting for a feed.

The teats are medium flow so you may want to check out a slower flow alternative if you plan to use these on a new born. It will cost a bit to invest in a set of these, but they are high quality bottles which will last. Measurements are printed onto the side of the bottles.

2. Avent Natural Glass

If you are a fan of the plastic Avent bottles, then these are a great Avent glass alternative. They perform just as well with added durability, making them very hard to break. They are pretty expensive so be prepared to invest for the benefits of using these bottles.

The glass is really easy to clean and even dishwasher safe, and will look brand new after every wash. They are heavier than the plastic version so keep this in mind if you are considering them. The markings on these bottles are printed which makes them easy to ready, but be careful not to rub off when washing.

3. Born Free Glass

The born free glass bottle range are perfect if you have a baby suffering from colic. The bottles come with an airflow vent and a sturdy silicone teat which won’t collapse when baby is feeding. You can buy these bottles in a pack of three to keep costs down.

The multipack comes with a silicone sleeve to use on the bottles to improve grip and prevent breakages if dropped. If you baby feeds better with the softer latex teats, we suggest to buy some additionally otherwise they will struggle with these bottles. Again this is another bottle with printed on markings which wash off easily.

4. MAM Feel Good

This MAM glass bottle offering is long with a wide base, which can make it easier to grip. These bottles are lightweight compared to other glass bottles. They come with an asymmetric shaped silicone teat, which fit easily into baby’s mouth to help them feed better.

You have two options of smaller 160ml (5oz) size for new born or larger 260ml (9oz) for babies over 2 months. It has graduated plastic markings which start at from 20ml and 0.5oz for even the smallest of feeds.

5. dBb Remond

We love the classic ‘milk man’ feel these dBd Remond glass bottles have. You can purchase individually or in packs of six with a storage box.

We recommend buying the six pack as its fantastic value for money when you weigh up what you get. DBb Redmond is a popular French baby brand which are not well known in the UK. The design is simple but effective and very high quality. Get all the benefits of glass bottles at a great price.

The Basics of Glass Baby Bottles…

So you’ve decided that using glass baby bottle is the best choice for your family? Great choice, we’re pretty fond of them too. We want to tell you some more about them, as well as come helpful tips for choosing and using them. Keep reading.

What is a Glass Baby Bottle?

These baby bottles are made partially of glass, rather than commonly used plastic. These old school bottles used to be the norm, but sadly have were shove to the side in preference for the lightweight and unbreakable plastic options. Think of it as a retro revival! Don’t let the glass part scare you, modern day glass bottles are designed with safety features to make them a lot safer to use than those used 40 odd years ago.

Why Should I Use a Glass Baby Bottle?

There are many advantages to using glass baby bottles. Here are 6 top benefits you’ll get from using them, so jump on board.

1. Chemical free – Most plastic bottle nowadays are touted as BPA free, however that does not mean they are free of other chemicals. If you’d rather avoid the worry of exposing your baby to the chemicals in plastic. Glass is a great alternative to ensure your baby’s bottles are chemical free.

2. Better for Breastfed babies – Chemicals in plastic bottles are known to ‘hold’ nutrients from breast milk. Glass material doesn’t have this property, so your baby receives all the breast milk nutrients.

3. Durable – When looked after properly glass bottles can be long-lasting. They are a worthy investment is you plan to have more kids as they will easily see you over a few years of use if you prevent them being dropped. Even still modern day bottles are made from toughened glass which makes them less likely to break.

4. Easier to heat – Glass is easier and safer to heat than plastic, so feeds will be ready quicker. Glass won’t release any chemicals when heated so no need to worry about heat causing chemical leaching into baby’s milk.

5. Recyclable – It’s an eco-friendly option as the bottles can be glass recycled when you are finished with them, or they break. That means you’ll lessening your contribution to landfill.

6. Hygienic – The bottles are a dream to clean. They won’t scratch, stain or smell of old milk. They stay looking new the whole time you use them, unlike plastic which can look worn out quickly. As glass can’t be easily scratched, it means there is less room for bacteria to hide.

Things to consider when looking for the best glass baby bottles…


The main concern with glass bottles is that they can break easier than plastic bottles. For new-born’s this isn’t a problem, unless you’re a bit of a butter fingers and drop things easily. Some bottle come with silicone bottle sleeves which provide some cushioning for the bottles and less likely to break if dropped. Silicone sleeves are also available to buy separately but will up the cost of your bottles. You may want to consider this if you have an older baby who like to throw their bottles.


A lot of glass bottle come with latex teats which have a tendency to collapse easily. If you are struggling with these, change to silicone teats which are more structured and don’t collapse as easily. Or if you baby is struggling with a hard silicon teat, switch to the softer latex.

Bottle holder

Remember the milk bottle holders used by milkmen? You can buy these for your glass bottles in order to protect them. If you think your bottles are at risk of falling from a cupboard, be safe and consider one for these to prevent any nasty accidents, especially if they will be stored overhead.


Some glass bottle have the measurement marking printed on the side of the bottle. It’s often a dark print which is easy to read, but can be quickly washed off after a few uses. If this would annoy you, then look out for the glass bottles with the measurements etched on the side of the glass.


Glass bottles are heavier to use than plastic bottles so you’ll need to consider which bottle shape will be easier for you to hold. Easy bottle design has its own benefits

  • Wide neck – allow baby to mimic breastfeeding behaviour and prevent nipple-teat confusion
  • Standard neck – great for smaller babies who can’t feed well from the wide neck bottles.
  • Small (up to 5oz) – Ideal for newborns or premature bays who don’t need as much milk, and less room for air to be swallowed.
  • Tall (up to 9 oz)– Great for when baby requires more milk. These are a great to use with the silicone sleeves especially if you or baby have dexterity problems.

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5 Best Glass Baby Bottles