Looking for the best baby swing for colic? When your baby is crying for more than 3 hours straight you’re probably at your wits end for some rest. You may have been recommended to use a baby swing. A well designed swing can provide your baby with the right amount of motion to relieve their colic symptoms.


A colicky baby is stressful enough. You probably don’t have the time to research a well-designed baby swing for your baby. We’ve researched all the baby swing on the market. By comparing them against our selection criteria we found 5 baby swings which offer lots of benefits for colicky babies. Let’s find out which swing made the cut.

Best Baby Swing for Colic – Top 5 Reviews

Mamas & Papas Musical Starlite Swing

Pros: Portable, MP3 player, adjustable swing settings, upright seat position

Cons: speaker interference

  • Age: 0-6 months
  • Max Weight: up to 20lbs (9kg)
  • Frame: Folding

Our Verdict

The Mamas & Papas Starlite swing is a great modern looking baby swing. We particularly loved this swing for colic due to the upright seat position. Most swing have a semi recline, but this one straightens your baby’s back, which is great is they suffer from reflux too. The seat can also be reclined back for when baby nods off.

You have full control over the swing speed settings or static, so you can adjust to what your baby likes. You have the option of setting it on a timer of 5-15minutes. The Mp3 player is great for streaming white noise through the speakers to comfort baby. The only downside is the speaker’s aren’t very high quality so you often get phone interference noises. Although you never know that may actually comfort your baby. The light show and toy bar are great additional features. Although if you think they will overstimulate your baby they can be removed. This swing is battery operated, however very economical with the power so you’ll hardly ever have to change them.

Graco Lovin Hug Swing

Pros: Upright seat, portable, snug seat, six speed settings, washable seat

Cons: No seat lock option

  • Age: 0-12 months
  • Max Weight: up to 20lbs (9kg)
  • Frame: Folding

Our Verdict

Graco have done a great job with their Lovin Hug Swing. The biggest feature is the snug chair which makes babies feel safe and secure. Although here is plenty of room to grow and is suitable to us until they are a year old. This makes it worth it money compared to other model which are only suitable until 6 months.

With 6 speed setting you’ll be sure to find one to calm your fractious baby. We found it easier to remove the tray to put baby in or take them out. Although we found it annoying the seat didn’t lock in place when you are trying to strap baby in. The five strap harness keeps them secure without the tray in place. It also have cute extra features such as a mobile and in-built lullaby songs. It’s a battery operated model which rarely need changed. There is a plug version available but it’s not worth the extra £50 shops add on to the price.

4moms MamaRoo

Pros: Fine adjust recline, mp3 compatibility, 5 motion settings, modern design

Cons: Expensive

  • Age: Suitable from birth
  • Max Weight: up to 20lbs (9kg)
  • Frame: Fixed

Our Verdict

The 4moms MamaRoo is the best modern luxury swing on the market. It’s pricey but it’s packed to the brim with great features. If your kids only settles in a car then you’ll probably save the money with reduced fuel. The MamaRoo has 5 motion settings from side to side, up and down or back and forward. This can be controlled though an app n your phone (IOS or android) or from the base.

The base of this swing is quite a marvel. It has large built in speakers which can stream any music from your phone to the swing. This is perfect for white noise sounds which will calm your baby in no time. All this technology uses quite a bit of power so the swing uses a mains adapter rather than batteries. We were disappointed to find you need to buy an extra new born insert if you want additional head support.

Fisher Price 3-in-1 Swing-n-Rocker

Pros: Modular design, 6 speed settings, swing and bouncer

Cons: Bulky

  • Age: Birth – 4 years
  • Max Weight: up to 40lbs (18kg)
  • Frame: Foldable

Our Verdict

The Fisher Price 3-in-1 Swing-n-Rocker is a great modular design. That means it breaks down into different settings to use as baby grows. This model can be used as a swing, bouncer and toddler chair. We love modular designs as they mean you get value for money through lots of use.

The swing itself is fairly basic, but with all the features you want. The seat design is high back with recline options gives you baby comfort. We find this chair is best for larger babies as it has plenty of space. The music setting are standard lullabies, however the sound volume is adjustable if you find them annoying. This swing is really good value for money, although consider if you have the space to keep it. When using the swing frame it requires quite a lot of space. However the swing frame does fold to store when using as a bouncer or chair.

Bright Starts Cozy Kingdom Swing

Pros: affordable, speed settings, comfortable seat, compact, quiet

Cons: Poor instruction manual

  • Age: From birth
  • Max Weight: up to 20lbs (9kg)
  • Frame: Foldable

Our Verdict

If you need a high quality budget swing check out the Bright Starts Cozy Kingdom.  This is perfect if you don’t have a lot of room as its fairly compact and can fold away when not in use. For the price it’s a fairly basic swing, but does what you need it to do. There are six speed settings which a rather powerful and don’t need you to start the rocking motion.

We love how quit this swing is. Compared to the mechanical churn of other models you’ll barely hear that it’s on. The in-built songs are nice and soothing for baby to listen to whilst swinging. The seat has a nice contoured layer of padding with a removable head support for new-borns. The drawback of this swing is putting it together. The instructions are frustratingly poor, extending the time it takes to build.

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Baby Swing Features

Not all baby swings are equal. The ones we’ve selected for our top 5 list we due to specific features which help to ease colic symptoms. If you want to do your own research of what’s on the market these are the features we rated highly for.


A chair with a vibration mode is great for babies with colic. The gentle shaking motion provides relief for babies who suffer physical colic. The vibration of the motor also gives a sense of security due to the constant rhythm of the vibration.


Swings which play lullaby’s or nature noises are very soothing to baby. The best option is a chair which allows you to play your own mp3s through the speakers. This allows you to play mesmerizing white noise which is well known for calming babies and regulating their breathing and heart rate.

Seat Position

Your baby will appreciate different position changes. Some babies may like a flat position whilst other like to be more upright. A chair with a recline feature will allow baby to decide which one they like best.


Most basic baby swing will move back and forward. Some more expensive models will have setting which allow you to change the motion. Just like seat options, you find your baby will settle to a specific rhythm. As for speed, you’ll have the ability to adjust even the budget models. Your baby may prefer a faster or slower swing. Having to option to choose form motion setting will save your sanity when you find the perfect one to settle baby.


If you are sitting in a thin, hard chair it makes you grumpy. Your baby is no different. A soft padded seat will not only make your baby more comfortable but also snug. Young babies love to feel enclose as it reminds them on being in the womb. Look out for swing with new born inserts to support your baby’s head until develop their neck muscles.

Baby Swing Buying Guide

When buying a baby swing there will be certain qualities that are important to you. The best baby swing is the one which scores highly for these qualities. These are the qualities the parent found most important when looking to buy a baby swing.


If you want a swing to sooth your baby’s colic, it has to work well. Most of the features which provide relief for you baby are listed above. Try to stick to these features when buying your baby swing. Look out for

  • Seats – Are they comfortably padded and does it recline?
  • Noise – Can you play your own music or turn down the setting if it’s too stimulating?
  • Motion – Is there different motion or speed settings to customise for your baby?

Ease of use

Consider how easy you want the swing to be t use? If you are good with gadget you’ll have your choice of any model. If not you’ll want to avoid one which work with apps or LCD screens.  We also consider how easy it is to get baby in and out of the swing. The best feature to consider is a seat lock so it doesn’t move around when you’re trying to work the harness. You might also want to consider a removable seat cover which can be machine washed in case of any spill or baby sick.


Just like any baby gear you always need to ensure babies safety when using a baby swing. These are features you need to consider with each swing:

  • Harness – A five point harness is recommended for baby swings. This prevents babies slumping or falling over top heavy in the swing.
  • Sturdy Base – A sturdy base will prevent toppling during the swing or if knocked. If the legs are metal poles a big footprint will made the swing stable.
  • Weight Limits – Always tick to the age and weight limits stated by the manufacturers. If you go over the specified limits it can lead to mechanical or structural failure of the swing, putting your baby at risk of harm.


Check out other reviews to see how likely the swing is prone the mechanical failure. You’ll often fins this written as 1 or 2 star reviews which state they had to return the item. You’ll find that most mechanical items will have machine which it broken. This isn’t a problem if you know that the company deal with the problem quickly and send a replacement item or parts. Check to see how well people have rated the company’s customer service.


You’ll find quality baby swings ranging from £40-£250. Keep an eye on online sales or for older model which are about to be upgraded. These can get you a lot more features for your money. Also remember to consider the running cost of a baby swing. If its battery operated make sure you’re not having to change them a lot, or the cost soon adds up.


Benefits of a Baby Swing

Sooths colic

Parent shave been using baby swings for years to soothe their baby through the dreaded colic weeks. Even if it’s just an hour or so of rest, it can help you clear your thoughts.

Nap time

IF you baby does off in the swing you can leave them to nap for up to 20 minutes. Make sure to supervise baby at all times and recline into a flat position. Never leave baby in an upright potion as it can restrict their airways. For longer sleeps you should place baby on a firm, flat surface.

Rest for parents

Swings a great to catch up with housework or just want a break from feeding or holding baby. They settle baby or keep them entertained whilst you go about you own business. This is important if you need to find time for older siblings.

Play area

As your baby grows they will spend more time awake during the day. You’ll find they become more alert to their surroundings. A baby swing with a play area can be used as a great way for baby to explore toys before they are able to sit or crawl.

Eye development

At around 3-4 months old you baby will begin to follow a motion with their eyes. The motion of a swing can help them to develop their eye strength at this age as they begin to focus on more objects.