What are the best baby plates? Baby plates are design to make the whole weaning process easier for you and baby. The right baby plate can help your baby on their journey to independent eating.

The choice of baby dishes can be overwhelming if you’re new to baby weaning. So we’ve done all the hard work for you and researched the best baby plates on the market.

Criteria for the Best Baby Plates?

Let’s take a look at the criteria we’ve used to decide which ones are the ‘best’.

1. Material – any food which touched the plate will be going straight into your baby’s mouth. It’s important to make sure the plate is made from baby safe materials.
2. Durability – the plate is going to get thrown on the floor a lot. It’s important it withstand constant impact and won’t break into sharp piece which can harm baby.
3. Design – does the plate make it easy for your little one to eat? Curved edges and sectioned areas are all helpful for helping babies tackle eating. Popular character designs can make mealtimes more enjoyable for little ones.
4. Cleaning – You’ll be cleaning these plates at least 3-4 times a day. Plates which are dishwasher safe are convenient, and stain resistant plates make them last longer.
5. Price – you may be after the cheapest plates or a good quality brand. You’ll pay around £3 – £20 for a set of plates.

Top 10 Best Baby Plates

1. Oxo Training Plate

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for a plate that it suitable for both younger and older children then check out the Oxo tot training plate. It has a removable ring which helps young children to use utensils correctly and without frustration. It’s weighted, non-slip base makes it sturdy for baby to hold in place without slipping all over the tray or table. Simply chuck in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. It’s also BPA, phthalate and PVC free.

2. Salmon Luke me-feed-me Training Plate

Our Verdict

The me-feed-me plate is the perfect bowl for little ones who want to start feeding themselves. The curved edges help give your little one the joy of being able to scoop the food onto their cutlery. It cuts down on the frustration of are chasing food around their plates. The shapes and anti-skid base makes it difficult to tip the plate over. For your convenience they are dishwasher and microwave safe. All plates are BPA, PVC and Phthalate free.

3. BABYBJÖRN Baby Plate

Our Verdict

If you want a big sturdy, quality plate then opt for the BABYBJÖRN Baby Plate. Designed with a clover shape and curved edges to help little ones scoop the food up. The base as a bright coloured silicone material which grips to the tray and prevents food spillage. Not only is the plate PVC, BPA, phthalates, cadmium, lead and bromine free but it is also recyclable.

4. Lansinoh Momma Warm Plate

Our Verdict

If your child takes a long time to eat their food, then keep it warm with the Lansinoh Momma Warm Plate. It acts similar to a hot water bottle with a hot water chamber at the bottom to keep the plate heated. For safety it has a stopper to prevent any nasty accidents with the hot water. The plate is nice and sturdy, non-slip, with two compartments for different tastes. Cleans up nicely in the dishwasher and is microwave safe too.

5. IKEA Kalas Plates

Our Verdict

If you’re after some inexpensive plates then the Ikea Kalas children’s plates are fantastic. They come in 6 brightly colours which kid will love. The edges are curved to make it easier to pick up food. They are so lightweight, perfect for picnics. Very easy to use and wash as dishwasher a microwave safe.

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6. Philips AVENT Baby Divider Plate

Our Verdict

The Philips Avent Divider plate is a great option for separating out portions of food. We love the cute little design on the plate, it can make meals times more interesting with storytelling to keep their attention. The anti-slip base means less sliding across surfaces and less spillage during mealtimes. Your child will start to look forward to mealtime with this plate.

7. Fred Dinner Winner

Our Verdict

The Fred Dinner Winner plates are a great concept when you’re struggling to get your kids to eat more. The plates is divided into 8 small sections which curve around the plate.  The idea is to break the meal down into manageable chucks for even the fussiest of eaters. Each section has an encouraging message to keep them motivated and get to the end to win. A bit on the pricey side, but well worth the price if it gets your kids to eat more.

8. EasyMat

Our Verdict

The Easy Mat is the perfect plate if you have a baby who loves to throw things. Babies love the reaction of throwing a full plate of food from their high chair. You can prevent this with the Easy mat as it combines stay safe mat with the plate. The tray comes with two large section to hold food and even a cup holder. It’s quite large, so won’t fit all high chair trays, but works a dream on dining rooms tables.

9. Munchkin Lil Apple Plates

Our Verdict

The Munchkin Lil Apples plates are a great cheap option. If you need a plates with separate section then these will do the trick. The design is simple and fun, yet brightly coloured to keep your baby interest. The curved edges are perfect for keeping food on the plate and helping little ones learning to scoop their food. We highly recommend buying a suction mat to hold them in place as they are quite lightweight.

10. Bamboo Bamboo Baby Plate

Our Verdict

The Bamboo Bamboo Baby plate is ideal if you want to avoid using plastic items for your baby. It’s made from natural Bamboo material which is antibacterial and non-staining. We love the dash of colour on the suction plate to stop baby through the plate around. This is removable to make it suitable for older children to use. A great option for those who want a more eco-friendly option for baby.

Advantages of Using Baby Plates

Using a baby plate will allow your little one to practice before they start using the real deal. There are some great benefits to using them.

Encourage Independence

A baby plates are usually designed to make it easier for kids to scoop up food they learn to eat themselves. A regular plate often causes frustration form falling food and can discourage babies from mealtimes. Baby training plates gives them a sense of achievement and encourages them to continue with their new found skill.

Teaches Manners

Children learn social skills at the dinner table. That includes learning dinner table manners. As your child grow its important to teach them that we shouldn’t tip a plate of food on our heads, or chuck our plates off the table to hear the noise it makes!

Reduces Mess

The more food that gets onto baby’s cutlery, means less that ends up everywhere else. Curved plate edges help to scoop, rather than pushing the food off the plate and landing everywhere.


The soft non-breakage materials baby plates are made from make them much safer to use than regular plates. Your child will throw their plates on the floor, throw excitement, frustration or just for fun. Using a non-breakable plate is important to keep baby safe, and to stop you having to buy new plates on a weekly basis.

Baby Plate Anatomy

Sides – Ideally curved to help baby lift food onto spoons or forks. Curved edges prevent food falling off the plate.

Material – Most baby plates are made from plastic as a great non-breakable option. If using a plastic plate check for ones which are at least BPA free, however it’s ideal if they are free from other chemical nasties such as PVC, phthalates, cadmium, lead and bromine. If you prefer alternatives to plastic there are occasionally stainless steel or wooden option available, however these are often expensive are difficult to locate in the UK.

Bases – A non-slip base is the best option. Usually this is designed with rubber grips or a silicone coating on the bottom. Bases can also be weighted to make them harder for children to lift up.

Design – The size and shape of the plate will make it easier to use. This option is really down to personal preference. Some popular design kids’ love include:

  • Large flat plates
  • Plates with separated areas
  • Cloud/clover shaped plates