ARDO is a UK based, Swiss manufactured, breastfeeding brand and somewhat of a new kid on the block. We were surprised to see that their Calypso range of breast pumps was voted as Mumsnet Best breast pump 2015. Investing in a new brand is a bit dodgy without properly researching it first, am I right?

We’ll we were so intrigued by this Ardo breast pump and just why all the reviews we found online had given it full marks for performance. Read on to see what we found out about the ARDO Calypso double pump.

Ardo Breast Pump Review

Who would benefit most from this breast pump?

This breast pump is most suited to mums who:

  • want to increase milk supply
  • pump at work
  • have twins/triplets
  • need a pump for frequent use

The Ardo Calypso Double Plus pump is designed for frequent use, so ideal for mums who are looking to pump no more than once or twice a day. We think this pump is perfect for mums who are returning to work and looking to pump at break times. It’s also the perfect pump for if you are looking to express some milk each day, to go out and about, or let family feed baby. You can use the pump as a single or double. However, you’ll half the time needed to pump when used double. The Ardo Calypso Double will cost around £100-130 with various online offers, but as a rule of thumb, look to pay no more than £120.

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How comfortable is the pump?

When reviewing a breast pump, we expect the manufacturer to have made extra effort to ensure comfort. An uncomfortable pump makes an unhappy mum who simply won’t yield as much milk. We have to say that ARDO should be given an A+ for effort when it comes to ensuring comfort with the Calypso range. The pump is designed to have 64 different combinations with 8 suction strength and 8 speed settings, at the touch of a button.

A bit like the Medela swing, the pump has a stimulation phase until your milk starts to flow and then you can switch to the expression phase. They also understand that mums come in all shapes and sizes, and offer a range of standard breast shield fits of 26mm, 28mm, and 31mm. If you need something a little more cushioned they also prove a 26mm Optiflow massage insert for the shields. Now here is the cherry on top, all of these are options included in the box with the pump, well played ARDO, well played.

Is it an effective pump?

Some mums may have already used an ARDO Carum hospital grade pump especially if their baby has been in special care. Mums who have to use this Carum and then switched to the Calypso at home have expressed just how effective the Calypso is. The maximum suction power of this pump is 250mmHG which is the same as the Medela swing. Most mums report to getting around about 5-10oz in 10 minutes when used as a double pump.

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The Calypso double has to be one of the most modern looking breast pumps on the market at the moment. It has an LCD screen so you can easily see the settings you find it most comfortable at. Plus we love the little bottle holders attached to the pump so you can keep everything together nice and compact.

The motor which guaranteed for use up to 400 hours which means if you pumped 12 times a day, for 20 minutes each time, the pump would still last for around 2 years. So you if you plan on having a few children you won’t need to replace the pump. Keep this for frequent use or try the Spectra Dew 350 which is more suitable for heavy use.

ARDO Breast Pump Review

Ease of use

This pump has to be one of the simplest to assemble of all the pump we’ve reviewed so far. It’s super easy to clean and you won’t need a manual every time you need to put it back together. The pump can be steam sterilised and come with an easy to read manual. The machine display is an on/off switch and two simple up and down switches to change the speed and suction levels.

System Type

The Calypso Double is a closed system breast pump. ARDO have designed it with a VacuuSeal technology. This is a barrier between the milk and tubing and that the milk will never enter into the machine. This prevents bacteria from forming within your pump, meaning it is much more hygienic to use and prevents it from ever being flooded or blocked with milk. The tube does not need to be sterilised as it only creates a vacuum and does not transport milk.


This pump is very portable as it is rather compact and the motor is not too heavy. The pump can work through a mains power supply and by using batteries. If you think you make frequent use of the battery option, then we recommend you use the rechargeable type as regular ones drain very quickly, and you’ll pay a fortune to replace them.

Noise levels

This pump scored very highly for how little noise it makes. One of ARDO’s bragging points is how quiet the pump is. This is fantastic especially if you want to be really discreet about pumping, for example at work or if you have guests at home.

Feeding Equipment

The Calypso comes with two standard collection 150ml bottles. Unfortunately, you’ll need to buy more bottles to decant the milk into as the bottles so not have teats to convert into feeding bottles. Look out for larger sized bottles as the 150ml are fine for a newborn, but you may need more as baby grows.

Warranty and Customer Care

The Calypso comes with an extended warranty of 400 motor hours or two-year use. Ardo state this pump will last an average mum for ‘two consecutive babies while benefiting from a full no-quibble manufacturer’s warranty’. They also have a very helpful customer services who are happy to help with any queries or problems with the pump; the number is 01823 336362.

Additional Features

All of the parts of the pump are BPA-free and compliant with the WHO code on the marketing of mother’s milk substitutes protects and supports Breastfeeding.

What’s Included?

  • Calypso Breastpump
  • Tubing
  • 150ml collection bottle x 2
  • 26mm Pumpset x 2
  • 28mm Breastshell x2
  • 31mm Breastshell x2
  • OptiFlow 26mm insert
  • Cleaning brush
  • bottle holder
  • AC mains adapter
  • instruction manual

What do Other Mums Think?

Here are some of the comments from mums who have purchased this pump:

  • “having this pump has been fantastic in enabling me to express regularly not only for my own children’s needs but for milk donation too.”
  • “I found it much better than other pumps I had tried previously as it has a variety of cup sizes.”
  • “The Calypso is super quiet, and more than enough power for an occasional user like myself.”
  • “I’m able to get a whole bottle of milk in less than 10 minutes which is a massive difference to my previous electric pump which could take 30 minutes or longer.”
  • “Really easy and simple to use for a first time pumper like me! Very comfortable too – highly recommend. “
  • “It is easy to assemble quickly, which is always an important consideration for a busy Mum.”

Any complaints?

  • could come with a carry bag
  • batteries drain quick (buy the rechargeable ones)
  • Need to buy additional feeding bottles and bigger collection bottles

Where can I read more reviews on the ARDO Calypso Double Plus Breast Pump?

You can read more reviews from mums who have bought this pump at Amazon.

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