8 Reasons You Should Make Homemade Baby Food

When it comes to feeding your baby its best to consider how you would eat. Do you prefer to buy convenient made meals from the store or do you prefer homemade cooking? Just like there is a huge variety of microwave meals available, there are also ready baby jars of baby food.

Let’s face it jars of baby food are super convenient when you’re a busy parent. Simply open, heat and serve to baby. However when it really comes down to it we all know that homemade food is better for so many reasons. Nobody expects you to be a master chef, just keep is simple.

Let’s explore the reason you should make you own baby food.

Advantages of Homemade Baby Food

1. Cost

One jar of baby food can cost around £1, which may cover one or two meals. For the same price you can buy a bag or two of vegetables which can make a batch of purees for a weeks’ worth of meals. With baby food jars you are paying extra for the jars, transport to the shops and marketing costs.

If you’re not convinced, try making your own food for a week and see how much you save. Even it’s only £1 a week that means you’re saving £52 a year, enough to get a babysitter a go for a meal with the other half.

2. Nutrients

If you use fresh produce to make your baby meals it will be full of vitamins and minerals not found in pre-packaged foods. You’re child need a range of vitamins and minerals for healthy growth and the more you can offer them through food the better. If you know your child is lacking in certain nutrients such as iron, you can ensure their food is tailored to their needs. Giving your child the right calorie intake and nutrients can prevent them from wanting to snack between meals.

3. Knowing What’s Added

With home made food you know exactly what you’ve put into the meal. That means you’ll know for sure your babies food is free from additives, colourings, salt or preservatives. Although pre-packaged baby foods try to avoid most chemical nasties, sometimes they are needs to make them taste better or have a longer shelf life.

Baby food is also known to have recalls due to contamination, which is less likely to happen if you follow regular food hygiene advice when making your baby meals.

4. Time Saving

If you plan ahead with batch cooking home made food can offer convenient too. Simply make a huge batch of meals and freeze them in small portions until you’re ready to use them. Bulk cooking and freezing can help you save money by utilising supermarket offers such as by one get one free. Making batches of food usually limits shopping trips for baby food to one a week or less.

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5. Gets Baby Involved

If you make home made meals for the family you can usually adapt a small portion and make it baby friendly. This makes baby feel part of the family when eating, and can encourages them to try new tastes.

Having family members as role models is important to tackling picky eating which most children explore at some point in life. A parent who cooks is likely to encourage their own children to cook and explore nutrition as they get older.

6. Packaging

If you want to keep your baby raising eco-friendly them home made is the way to go. You have total control over the equipment and storage methods of your baby’s food. You’ll avoid the use  unnecessary plastics or metals which can leech into shop-bought baby food.

7. Explore Food

Home made food allows you to experiment with lots of different flavours and textures. You won’t be limited to whatever foods your shops have stocked. Slowly introduce new foods and flavourings to your baby.  You’ll soon discover the foods your baby likes and dislikes and start building a list of their favourites. Experimenting with different cuisines no only excites your babies taste buds but can develop your own cooking skills.

8. Feel Good Factor

Cooking for other can leave you with a huge sense of personal satisfaction. Watching your baby grow and thrive on your meals can make you feel a huge sense of achievement. Aside from eating you meals with you family, it helps you connect to others. You can expand your knowledge by talking to locals how sell home-grown produce. Sharing recipes with other mums is a great way to  try new foods for your little one.

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