Best Travel High Chair Reviews

What’s the best travel high chair?

Do you travel or eat out a lot with your baby? Perhaps you’re taking baby camping or visiting friends or relatives. A travel high chair is the perfect solution to ensure your baby has an eating area wherever they go. Most travel high chairs are safe to use from 6 months old, providing a safe comfortable area to make your mealtime more relaxed.

Choosing the best travel high chair to suit your needs can be confusing especially if you don’t know which feature suit you best. If you’re a complete beginner check out our buying guide below. If you know what you want from a high chair, but your confused by so many models, then check out our comparison table and top 5 picks.

Travel High Chair Comparison 2017

High ChairModelTypeAge RangePriceRating
Polar GearBooster6 months - 2 YearsBudget (£15 - £29)4.6 Stars
Safety 1st Easy CareBooster6 months - 4 YearsBudget (£15 - £29)4.3 Stars
Chicco Pocket SnackBooster6 months - 3 YearsBudget (£15 - £29)4.5 stars
TotseatFabric Harness8 months - 2.5 yearsBudget (£15 - £29)4.6 Stars
Chicco ModeBooster6 months - 3 YearsMid-Range (£30-49) 4.5 stars
Phil & Teds LobsterHook On6 months - 3 YearsPremium (£50-£100)4.6 Stars
Mountain Buggy Evo PodHook On3 months - 3 YearsMid-Range (£30-49) 4.3 Stars
isafe Baby Fast FitHook On3 months - 3 YearsMid-Range (£30-49)4.4 Stars
Concord LimaBooster6 months - 3 YearsPremium (£50-£100)4.7 Stars

Best Travel High Chair – Top 5 Reviews

1. Totseat

Type: Fabric
Colours: 9 patterned fabrics

  • Fits most chairs
  • Very portable
  • Machine washable

Our Verdict

If you need a versatile and extremely portable chair then the Totseat is your best option. This fabric chair harness will fit to almost any regular dining chair. It rolls up small and neat, and can easily be stored your changing bag without taking up too much room.

The chair is very safe to use and complies with every safety legislation required for baby high chairs. However your baby does need to be old enough you sit without extra support which is usually around 6 months old. If you baby makes a mess on the chair its machine washable for convenience.

2. Chicco Pocket

Type: Booster
Colours: 4 colours (blue, green, orange, silver)

  • Easy assembly
  • Adjustable straps
  • Removable Tray

Our Verdict

We love the Chicco pocket for visits to family and relatives. It’s a mini high chair which straps on to a regular dining chair. It has three height adjustments to make sure it reaches the perfect table height. As baby grows the chair can be removed and used as a simple seat.

The design is bright and simplistic, which makes it very easy to clean. The chair won’t fit into a bag but it comes with a strap so it can be easily carried on your shoulder when folded. This chair is perfect for kid’s age 6 months to 3 years old.

3. Mountain Buggy Evo Pod

Type: Hook On
Colours: 3 colours (black, green, grey)

  • Easy assembly
  • Adjustable straps
  • Removable Tray

Our Verdict

The Evo Pod is the best solution for if you to eat out a lot but don’t find restaurant chairs suitable. The chair is clipped and onto the edge of the table and clamped in place for stability. The chair its fabric, making it very lightweight, compact and portable enough to store in buggy.

You may be a bit wary that it won’t hold you babies weight, however it is safe to use up until 15kg which is around 3 years old. The only place the chair can’t be use is on glass tables. This model doesn’t come with a tray, if you prefer one, check out the Phil and Ted’s lobster.

4. Polar Gear Travel Booster

Type: Booster
Colours: One pattern

  • 5 point harness
  • Easy clean
  • Folds into storage bag

Our Verdict

The Polar Gear travel booster is a great chair for short trips away. It provides all the convenience of a high chair, but without the legs so it’s portable. The chair part can strap to a regular chair, with both back and seat fixtures. The adjustable straps means it will fit onto most dining chairs.

We love the five point harness for baby which is perfect for active babies who love to climb. The back support and straps can be folded down into a compact carry bag. It’s lightweight enough to take to restaurants or even abroad. The material is really easy to wipe clean, however you won’t be able to put into into a machine for a though wash.  This chair can be used from 6 months to 2 years.

5. Mamas & Papas Baby Snug

Type: Floor Seat
Colours: 5 colours (Red, Teal, Pink, Brown, Green)

  • Easy To Clean
  • For weaning and play
  • Comfortable

Our Verdict

The baby snug seat is the perfect first seat for baby and suitable for taking out and about. It’s only suitable for using on a flat floor surface, and should not be elevated onto a table or dining chair. It provides a comfortable little weaning and play area for babies up to around a year old.

This is a great solution for those times when you’ve visited a house which doesn’t have anywhere for your baby to sit safely and comfortably. It’s super easy to clean as the material is smooth and wipe able. It’s not compact enough for a change bag or a buggy but it’s lightweight and easy to store in a car boot.

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Best Travel High Chair Reviews

Travel High Chair Buying Guide

Types of Travel High Chair

Let’s explore the four different types of travel high chair.

Booster Chair

Designed with all the features of the seat part of a high chair, which is strapped to dining chair converting it into a high chair. These are extremely convenient for use in small houses or when visiting family and friends. They are usually lightweight and portable, however they not very compact so we’d usually recommend for a planned visit rather than lugging around.

The age range of the chair will depend on the design. A structured booster with a high back, sides and 5 point harness is the best option young babies of around 6 months. Babies over 1 year old can use a softer fold away booster seat which basically provides height and security with a 3 point harness.

These are really convenient, but its best to use a safe sturdy chair to improve babies security. Also the chair is exposed to any mess baby will make when eating, so it’s be to avoid using with fabric covered chairs.


  • Fits any dining chair.
  • Easy to Store.
  • Space saving option.


  • Dining chair can get messy.
  • Requires a sturdy chair.

Fabric Seat Harness

This type is a piece of fabric which wraps around the back of a regular chair with a body harness to secure baby. The fabric is designed to fir as many chair types as possible, making them very versatile. A seat harness does not provide height for baby in the chair.

Extremely lightweight, compact and portable, keep it stored in your changing bag so it’s always on hand. It’s a great option if you often like days out or for travelling.

It’s a very basic design which does not have a tray attached, and therefore doesn’t offer any protection from the mess of weaning. No worries as any good seat harness will be machine washable to make it look like new.


  • Very compact.
  • Light weight.
  • Machine washable.


  • Doesn’t give provide height for baby.
  • No tray option.
  • Frequent washing.


The tightening clamps attached to the edge of the table to create a free standing chair . Baby sits inside the structured hammock seat and their legs dangle underneath the table. Most hook on chairs will use the table as babies eating area, however some may come with a tray.

The rubberised arms prevent scratching the surface of the tables. They will hold baby from when they can sit upright up to a weight of around 15kg, an age range of 6motnhs to 3 years.

They are lightweight and portable as the fabric usually fold to a compact size. Also very easy to clean as the fabric is machine washable and the arms can be wiped down to remove foodstuffs.


  • Compact.
  • Light weight.
  • Great for travel.
  • Versatile.


  • Not suitable for glass or thick tables

Floor Seat

As this style can’t be used on a raised surface it’s technically not a high chair. A floor seat is a soft, contoured seat which is designed to help babies when they first learn to sit upright. Until baby’s back muscle strengthen they will occasionally fall back. These chair provide a comfortable and safe area for them to sit upright whilst eating or playing.

A floor seat is usually only used for a few months as babies tend to start exploring as soon as they can. We recommend this type of seat for taking to places that have no baby provisions. It allows you the freedom to move around whilst baby plays happily.

Made from soft plastic they are easy to wipe clean, and usually come with removable tray which are dishwasher safe. They don’t fold, but they aren’t so huge that storage will be a problem. They are lightweight enough to carry easily or store in the car.


  • Comfortable
  • Soft
  • Good for weaning and play


  • Not suitable for raised surfaces
  • Only suitable until baby is around 1 year old

How To Choose a Travel High Chair

You may want to know exactly how we decide what makes a travel high chair the ‘best’. Even if you don’t agree with our favourites, the criteria we use can help you find a travel high chair best suited to you and your baby.


When you need to carry the high chair around with you, portability is essential. That means you need a high chair with two qualities: compact and lightweight. These are essential for ease of movement regardless of where you are travelling too. The dimensions of the high chair will be important when selecting for a designation. If you need to carry the high chair on a daily basis it needs to be super lightweight and compact. If you have more room, such as a car boot or a suitcase, then you can opt for something with more structure.

Look out for features such as being collapsible, storage bags or carry handles. If you are going abroad you may even get away with carrying it on as hand luggage.

Ease of Use

When you have a hungry baby on the move it’s important to know how easy your travel high chair is to use. It’s important that it’s quick and easy to set up and keep baby secure.

Your baby should sit comfortably in the chair. Remember to keep in mind how close they are positioned to the table or tray. When your baby isn’t old enough to feed themselves keep in mind you should consider how easy it will be to reach your baby.

Great features of a chair which is easy to use include easy attachments, adjustable straps and removable trays.


The best type of high chair for you will depend on where you intend to use it most. Each type of travel high chair comes with pro and cons of using on different furniture types. Fabric and booster types will attach to chairs, whereas a hook on chair will attach to the table.

For safety and stability, it’s important to make sure your high chair is suitable for the eating area. When attaching to a chair consider is it’s the right shape and has the stability to safely support your baby should they move around.

For table attachments consider the thickness of the table. Also material such as a glass surface isn’t suitable for this style of chair. Wooden tables will give the best attachment, whereas lightweight metal tables have a tendency to tip.

Ease of Cleaning

When you are out and about or on holiday, you won’t have time to waste cleaning your high chair. That means you need one which is quick and convenient to clean. You’ll also want the option of being able to give it a deep clean when you are at home.

Always check for lots of crevices where food can get trapped. The material will make a huge difference to the ease of cleaning. Surfaces such as plastic or PVC coated fabric are easy to wipe down. Fabric chairs are more likely to stain and need to be machine washed if they get covered in food.

Features to consider for easy cleaning are dishwasher safe trays and machine washable covers.


We can’t stress enough how important safety is when buying a high chair. Safety is important for preventing falls which can cause serious injury to your child.

You should look out for the features which support your child. The safest option is a 5 point harness which secures both the upper and lower body. Little fingers should not be able to open the harness; however, you should have easy access to baby should you need to get them out the chair quickly. You should always be aware of the age or weight restrictions for your high chair. If the seat can’t support your child’s weight it may be easy to tip over.

Consider how the chair will attach to supporting furniture. The attachment fixture should be sturdy enough to prevent the chair from moving around once in place. Hook on chairs are the safest option for attachments as they are made from strong metal parts rather than plastic belts and buckles.


You’ll find great travel high chairs to meat most budgets. Our research showed a price range of £10-£70.  Fabric seats are a lot cheaper to buy than structured boosters or hook on high chairs. As with any other baby product you’ll find that the branded seats are often the higher end of the price scale. That doesn’t mean you have to flash the cash for quality. The best selling and highest rated travel high chairs on Amazon are selling for under £20.

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