Best Ice Lolly Moulds for Babies and Toddlers

Making ice lolly’s for your baby is a really fun way to tackle weaning. Pack them full of healthy fruit and veg filled smoothies or even breast milk. There are so many option to choose from in the shops. If you’re left bamboozled by all the advertising blurb, we’re here to help.

We researched the best ice lolly moulds on the market design specifically for baby weaning. If you don’t know what you should be looking for check our buying guide below.

Criteria for the Best Ice Lolly Moulds?

Let’s take a look at the criteria we’ve used to decide which moulds are the ‘best’.

1. Ease of use – we check how easy it is to make the lollies, remove them from the mould and be held by baby.

2. Durability – freezing take its toll on a lot of materials. The lolly mould need to be able to withstand the cold temperatures and still stay flexible. The handle need to be strong enough to withstand being bashed and thrown around by baby, without bending or breaking.

3. Performance – We check how quickly the lollies take make. Also does the mould handle both watery and creamy based lollies? The mould need to also handle smooth and chunky lollies filled with fruit pieces. Does the lolly hold its shape well after unmoulding or does it drip and break easily?

4. Cleaning – how easy are the moulds to clean? We don’t want small pieces of lolly left inside making the perfect environment for bacteria to grow.

5. Price – We’ve check moulds at all different price ranges, expect to pay around £3 – £20 for a lolly making kit.

5 Best Ice Lolly Moulds for Weaning

1. Annabel Karmel NUK Moulds

  • Easy hold for babies
  • Small size
  • BPA Free

Stockists: Available here

Our Verdict

As a high quality baby weaning brand Annabel Karmelhas done a great job creating these ice lolly moulds. The handle requires a grip rather than a pincer hold, just the perfect shape for babies. We love the compact size as it’s just enough for baby to eat without leaving the rest of the lolly lying around in a melted puddle. They are very easy to use and give a nice rounded lolly shape. The tray separates into four sections making them easy to fill, release and clean.

2. Nuby Garden Fresh Fruitsicles

  • Suitable from 6 months
  • Small grip handle
  • Drip catcher

Stockists: Available here

Our Verdict

Nuby Fruitsicles offer another great way to introduce fruit and veg purees during early weaning. Another design with a small grip handle making them easy for babies to hold. The mould has a lip which acts as a lid while freezing and a juice catcher when eating. This help prevent mess, however they are easily washed in the dishwasher. The small oval shape makes them a great size for babies to comfortably eat.

3. Zoku Round Pop Mould

  • Easy release
  • Compact size
  • BPA and phthalate free

Stockists: Available here

Our Verdict

Zoku are the kings of funky homemade ice lollies. They have some shaped designs older kids will really love. We’re glad they offer the round pop design as it’s the perfect shape for babies and toddlers. The handle it a long plastic stick with a wide base, making it easy for baby to grip and manoeuvre. The mould is made from flexible silicone and very simple pop the shape out, so much easier to remove than plastic moulds.

4. Mushy Mushy Freezer Tray

  • Versatile tray
  • Exact 2.5oz portion
  • Non stick

Stockists: Available here

Our Verdict

These freezer trays from Mushy Mushy are the perfect solution for homemade baby food. Not only can you create your own lollies, but freeze small portions of food, use as an oven tray, jelly mould or food storage. It’s made of a thick, durable silicone which is very easy to wash. It doesn’t come with lolly handles, however for toddlers you can use wooden lolly stick which are widely available. For creating baby lollies we recommend using a dummy as a handle for an easy grip.

5. Munchkin Freezer Pops

  • Easy store tray
  • Easy grip handle
  • Drip catcher

Stockists: Available here

Our Verdict

The Munchkin Freezer pops are another mini lolly moulds which are very easy to use. The tray makes 6 pops but we love how it can be separated into 2 section which is great if you struggle for space in the freezer. Similar in design to the NUK and Nuby lolly moulds, with its ring hand grip and drip catcher to prevent mess. You can fit around tablespoons of food into each pop.

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Best ice lolly moulds reviews

Buying Guide

Advantages of Ice lolly moulds

There are some great benefits to using ice lolly moulds for baby weaning, check out the following benefits.

Yummy Teethers

Most babies will being teething around the same time you begin weaning. Colds therapy is a well-known solution for sore gums. If you haven’t started weaning yet, you can use breastmilk as a lolly to provide relief and comfort.

Pack in vitamins

Ice lollies are fun way for baby to have a teat jam packed full of goodness. Makes your own fruit or vegetable smoothies and pour into the moulds. You baby will have no idea that what they are eating is healthy for them. Get creative with the flavour and introduce new fruit to them in fun way.

Different texture

Due to choking hazard babies can’t eat food with hard textures until they are much older. Frozen lollies lets them experience this in a safe way. Lolly also don’t need to be of the smooth watery kind, mix it up by adding cream flavour with small chunks as baby gets older.

Cool baby down

On a hot day all we all want to reach for the ice cream to cool us down. Most shop bought ice-lollies are full of sugar, sweeteners or additives. Making your own lollies means you can avoid given your baby these nasties.

Lolly Mould Features

There are lots of great lolly moulds on the market, we’ve highlighted a few design features which you may give you a personal preference over a certain model.


The best mould shape for babies is a small, compact oval or rounded mould. The benefits of this shape are

  • Manageable portion
  • Right size for baby’s mouth
  • No sharp edges
  • Doesn’t break easily


An easy grip handle is the best option for babies and toddlers. They have small hands which use a palmer grip (finger tips touch the palm) rather than the normal pincer grip (fingers touching thumb) we use as adults. Little ones don’t usually develop the pincer grip until around 10-12 month old. However don’t be put off using long stick handle as babies will usually adapt, make sure the stick is as long as babies hand width for them to grip.

The handle will often act as a lid to prevent freezer burn on the lolly. Another handy feature is for the handle to have a drip catcher to prevent mess from melting lollies.


Trays are fantastic for providing a structure and preventing the lolly from leaking in the freezer. Look out for trays which separate so you can release one lolly at a time.


Lolly moulds usually come in either a plastic or silicone material. Ensure any material you use is BPA free.

  • Plastic moulds. Usually cheaper and offer good structured shape. Needs to be high quality plastic or cracks under constant freezer temperatures.
  • Silicone moulds. Easy to remove the lolly and clean. Can sometimes leak if not much space in the freezer.

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