7 Best Heated Rollers for Hollywood Hair

What’s the best heated rollers set? There is so much choice available it can be hard to narrow it down. Heated rollers are designed to give your hair that glamourous volume and curl we see in the magazines. Hair care brands develop heated rollers with the latest technology to give a long lasting, sleek finish to your hair.

So if you’re looking for heated roller to give you the tresses worthy of an Oscar, then you need to know what you’re looking for. We’ve researched what’s available on the market and sorted the best from the worst. Take a look at how we decided what exactly makes a set the ‘best’.

Criteria for the Best Heated Rollers

  • Ease of use – Use of both machine and rollers was considered.
  • Rollers – Sizes, number provided, material and grip were all considered.
  • Performance – In particular how long the curl lasted versus how long it take to style a full head.
  • Price

Following this criteria we’ve selected our top 7 heated roller sets as well as two honourable mentions. Read our reviews of each set to see what we found.

Best Heated Hair Rollers

1. BaByliss Thermo-Ceramic Hair Rollers

Price: Around £30
Roller Sizes: 6 x 20mm, 6 x 26mm and 8 x 32mm
Roller Type: Plastic with ceramic core

Stockist: Available Here

Our Verdict

Ease of Use: Take only a few minutes to heat either on high or low settings. The teeth of the roller makes them easy to grip onto the hair and roll. The curl was set within around 20 minutes, but we’d suggest leaving it for around 30 minutes if you have really thick or long hair. The bits were a bit fiddly you use, and the roller would benefit from some sort of padding to make them more comfortable when in the hair.

Results: We loved the volume you get from these heated rollers, left us feeling like it was straight out of the 1970s, big and bouncy. The curl lasted through the day, although it did drop a little, but that could be easily fixed with some curl hold spray.

Pros: Lots of volume, curls last, heat quickly, easy to put in and remove
Cons: no padding on the roller, pins are fiddly to use

2. Remington Proluxe Rollers

Price: Around £60
Roller Sizes: 8 x 25mm and 12 x 32mm
Roller Type: Plastic with ceramic core

Stockist: Available Here

Our Verdict

Ease of Use: Great if you’re in a hurry as they only take 90 seconds to heat up. You do need to be careful removing the rollers from the heater as they get quite hot, so remember to use the heat glove. The rollers themselves stay in easy with the velour coating to soften and firm clips to keep them in place.

Results: Creates soft romantic curls in around 10 minutes, great for a smart casual look. You’ll need some product to help the curls last through the day as they fall out quickly without it. You need to be careful how you place the clip as it can leave unsightly kinks in your curls.

Pros: Heats quickly, curls set quickly, great for long hair, non-slip rollers
Cons: not great for short hair, short cord

3. Diva Session Hot Pod

Price: Around £60 for pod plus £30 per roller set
Roller Sizes: 25mm, 32mm, 38mm, 50mm, 64mm – packs of 4 available separately
Roller Type: Plastic with Ionic core

Stockist:Available Here

Our Verdict

Ease of Use: Simply turn the pod on, place a roller in the centre for around 8 seconds and you’re ready to roll. The coloured light indicators let you know when each roller hot enough, so you can have one heating while you place another. The flowed roller provides grip, but we found the clip a bit scratchy, not the best for sensitive scalps, but you can use the pins.

Results: We love that you can adjust the temperature to four different heats as it can give your curls a more relaxed or defined look. The smaller rollers on a high heat held the curl for longer. We weren’t too impressed with the larger roller for holding curls, but they did give lots of root volume.

Pros: heats quickly, adjustable temperatures, durable pod, very easy to use
Cons: Expensive for the kit, need to buy roller separately

4. ego Professional Ego Boost

Price: Around £75
Roller Sizes: 4 x 21mm, 4 x 31mm, 2 x 41mm
Roller Type: Velcro with tourmaline core

Stockist: Available here

Our Verdict

Ease of Use: Pop the rollers in the pod, leave for 8 seconds a little bleep indicates they are ready. Simple to heat and the place into the hair as the Velcro really grips. We found the clips a bit stiff to use but they hold the hair in place. The rollers were a bit tricky to remove as the Velcro was doing such a good job of keeping it in the roller.

Results: The curls were big a soft, although we got similar results with cheaper hot rollers. We were impressed with how long the curls stayed in place, especially with the smaller rollers.

Pros: Rollers stay put, quick heat up time, great hold with smaller rollers
Cons: Expensive, very short cord

5. Cloud Nine The O

Price: Around £160
Roller Sizes: 4 x 30mm, 4 x 40mm, 4 x 50mm (20mm and 60mm available separately)
Roller Type: Velcro

Stockist: Available here

Our Verdict

Ease of Use: Another easy to use pod system which heats the rollers to 130c in just 4 seconds. Even at that heat the rollers are not hot to touch as they are heated from the inside out. The velcro help keep the hair in lace, although the grips were slightly loose and did have a tendency to drop. The rollers were really easy to remove from the hair.

Results: With the bigger rollers the overall look was volume in the roots and soft waves rather than curls. The 20mm rollers gave a more defined curl to the hair but mostly at the tips, however it was long lasting.

Pros: long cord, great for waves and volume, heats quickly, doesn’t burn fingers.
Cons: Expensive, need to buy separate roller for curls

6. TRESemme Volume Rollers

Price: Around £25
Roller Sizes: 10 x 30mm
Roller Type: Plastic

Stockist: Available here

Our Verdict

Ease of Use: These roller take around 10-15 minutes to heat up, so best to start them whist you dry your hair. The rollers are hard plastic with grip ridges which were quite uncomfortable to use, and awkward to place the pin in and hold. We could have done with more rollers are 10 wasn’t enough for a full head at once.

Results: Leaving the rollers in for around 30 minutes will give a nice soft curl to the hair. It didn’t last through the day, but a bit of staying product would help keep the look for a night out.

Pros: inexpensive, light case great for travel, big soft curls
Cons: uncomfortable on head, rollers slip out of hair

7. BaByliss Pro 30 Piece Heated Ceramic Rollers

Price: Around £55
Roller Sizes: 6 x 20mm, 8 x 26mm, 8 x 32mm, 8 x 38mm
Roller Type: Ceramic

Stockist: Available here

Our Verdict

Ease of Use: Very similar to the BaByliss Thermo-Ceramic Hair Rollers but with a lot more rollers and different sizes. It took around 5 minutes to have the full set ready to use. We found this set held the heat much longer than the thermos-ceramic set.

Results: When left in for around 20-30minutes the rollers produces lovely defined curl with the smaller rollers up to big loose curl with the larger sizes. The tighter curls lasted all night although the loose curls dropped quickly and would benefit from some product to hold in place.

Pros: long swivel cord, lots of rollers, great size range, adjustable temperature
Cons: no ready indicator, no pin storage

Honourable Mention

There was another heated roller set which we though did perform highly in certain aspects, but didn’t quite make the grade to our top picks. We thought we should give them a mention.

Nicky Clarke Compact Rollers

The Nicky Clarke Compact is a good little hot roller set at a budget price. Not the best for long term use, but great if you need a set of roller for an occasional night out and don’t want to spend a lot of money.

How to use Heated Rollers

  • Brush fresh washed and dried or day old hair to remove any tangles.
  • Plug in your roller set and leave to heat to correct temperature.
  • Uses a comb and begin sectioning your hair into manageable strands, roughly 1 inch wide.
  • Take a section and spray with a heat protective spray or a setting spray to help the curl hold.
  • Start with the roller at the tip of the taut strand and being rolling under the strand. This direction creates more volume at the roots. Keep rolling right until you reach the head and secure the roller in place with a pin or hair grip.
  • Repeat this action until your head is covered with the rollers. Use a variety of roller sizes over the head to get a natural finish. Use the bigger roller for the longer crown sections, medium sizes for the sides and smaller sizes for the nape and fringe.
  • Wait until the rollers are cool, this will vary between 10-30 minutes depending on which model you use. Unclip or unpin the hair and gently unroll the hair. Be gentle with velcro rollers as these tend to snag hair.
  • Smooth the section through your hands and gentle tousle your hair one all rollers are removed. Add some setting spray or hairspray to hold the volume or curl for longer.

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