Best Food Gadgets for Baby Finger Foods

Making home-made baby food can be a bit daunting even if you’re already a dab hand in the kitchen. Investing in some kitchen accessories can make the experience a whole lot easier. We’ve found the best kitchen gadgets for under £10, to help make your baby’s food more interesting. You may already have some of these gadgets around in your kitchen.

9 Best Food Gadgets for Baby Weaning

1. Avocado Slicer

If you’re looking for the perfect weaning food for baby then add some avocado to their meals. Its crammed full of vitamins and good fats, essential for your baby’s growth. If you’ve ever tried preparing an avocado you’ll know they are not the easiest of fruit to work with. An avocado slicer is perfect for splitting, pitting, skinning and slicing all in one. It makes the process a whole lot easier and safer for you.

2. Cherry Pitter

Cherries are often a forgotten weaning food as most parent worry about babies swallowing the seed. But with their bright colours and sweet taste, babies love them. Plus they are packed full of calcium and vitamin c. A cherry pitter (also known as a stoner) allows you to remove the seed from the cherry with the fruit intact and ready for baby. It can also be used on olives, another great weaning food.

3. Crinkle Cutter

If you want a gadget that you’ll use all the time, then get a crinkle cutter. These will cut pretty much any food you would usually cut with a normal knife, however it gives a fun wiggly edge to it. Think of the possibilities: potatoes, carrots, cheese, apples, watermelon, cake, the list goes on. We also love that the wiggly edge can improve the grip of a younger baby with foods which a fairly slippery when cut straight.

4. Egg Mould

This gadget is a super cute invention from Japan the land of the fun bento box. You boil your egg, pop it in the mould for 10 minutes and it transforms into into the cute shape your little one will love. These are available in all kind of egg mould shapes from love hearts, to bunnies and cars. Remember that its best to wait until your baby is over 1 year old before introducing eggs, in case of allergies.

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Best Food Gadgets for baby

5. Julienne Peeler

If there is one shape most kids love, it’s a noodle. A julienne peeler is a tool which can help you to make pretty much any vegetable into a veggie noddle. It’s a great way to get fussy kids to try eating there veg but presenting it in a fun way. It’s also really handy for making salads and coleslaw at home.

6. Melon Baller

If you love to introduce foods to baby in a different way then get a melon baller. This fin little device lets you great perfect little finger food balls shapes for weaning. Don’t worry if your baby isn’t a fan of melon, any fleshy fruit will work including papaya, nectarines and kiwis. Give the fruit balls fresh to baby, or pop them in the freezer for little frozen treats which are great for teething.

7. Shape Cutters

These come in either small or large sizes and lots of interesting shapes for baby. The large sizes are great for older babies creating fun sandwiches. The smaller sizes are fun for cutting up fruit, veggies, cheeses and sandwiches as finger foods for younger babies. The fun shapes let you baby’s imagination run wild and you can even tell stories with the food. We particularly love the Funbites cutter for creating tiny pieces which can mixed and matched between foods.

8. Silicone Cases

These are a lot of fun for sweet baking treats as well as creating savoury muffins. Buy mini sized for young children and larger sizes as they grow. Silicone cases have a lot of other uses including:

  • Jelly moulds
  • Snack holders
  • Fun games

9. Strawberry Huller

Let’s face it strawberries are very easy to prepare. Ideally you don’t want your baby munching on the hull (official name for the green part at the top) as it  tastes nasty. You can simply cut the top off with a knife, but you will waste a good part of the strawberry. A strawberry huller will do the job quickly and easily without making a mess. Plus you can fill the space with something yummy like yoghurt or cream cheese.

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