Best Folding High Chair Reviews for Saving Space

Are you living in a small house and looking for a suitable high chair for your bay? A folding high chair is a great space saving option for you. These high chairs will fold to a compact size for storage and transporting in a car.

We’ve researched all the available folding high chairs on the market and tested them against our strict buying criteria. We found 5 folding high chairs which scored high for overall performance. Check out our top choices.

Best Folding High Chair – Top 5 Reviews

1. Cosatto Noodle Supa Highchair

  • Suitable from 6 months to 3 years
  • Leg support and recline
  • Adjustable height

The Cosatto Noodle Supa is the best rated high chair on our list. The adjustable height settings allow you to choose between 6 stations form high chair to toddler chair. When on a low setting and folded this chair is very compact and takes up very little room to store. When assembled it has a small footprint and weight wise is a reasonable 8kg which is about average for a high chair. A bonus is you can choose from a range of fun bright patterns from dinosaurs to flamingos.

2. East Coast Folding Highchair

  • Natural wood finish
  • Suitable from 6 months
  • Easy clean

If you want a wooden option check out the East Coast folding high chair. With its classic wooden design it looks good with most kitchen décor, and won’t look out of place even when folded. The footprint is the best rated on our list, and fold very compact. As a wooden high chair it’s easy to keep clean, although you may want to purchase a padded insert so it’s comfortable for baby to sit in.

3. Joie Mimzy Snacker Highchair Owl

  • 3 recline positions
  • Storage basket
  • Carry handle

The Joie Mimzy Snacker is our most lightweight option at only 6kg. It also folds extremely compact with a carry handle making is easy to transport in the car. The removable pad and tray make the chair very easy to clean up mess. We love that it has a full recline feature and 5 point harness to make baby comfortable if they decide to take an after meal nap.

4. Obaby Nanofold Hi Lo Highchair

  • Adjustable tray positions
  • 4 seat height
  • 5 year guarantee

The Obaby Nanofold is a very user friendly option. Its slim line, compact, adjustable and comes with recline, which you can do one handed which ticks a lot of boxes for parents. We love that the tray can be positioned closer or further away from baby as they grow. You can also remove the tray altogether to push baby right up to your dining table so they can join the family for meals.

5. Concord Spin Highchair

  • Light weight 6kg
  • Adjustable foot rest
  • 4 height positions

Our most compact option is the Concord Spin, which folds ridiculously small for a high chair. The aluminium material makes this chair super lightweight to carry and fold extremely compact. We highly recommend this chair if you travel a lot with baby or visit family or friends often. The removable padding makes it comfortable for baby but super easy to clean. Very easy to operate and even has a recline feature for a snoozing baby.

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Best Folding High Chair Reviews

Features to consider

Any of our top picks above would be great buys, ultimately the one you choose will come down to personal preference, such as chair appearance or price. If you choose to shop around first or you’re new to buying a high chair, our buying guide can help you narrow down the features which will suit your family best. In addition to this a folding high chair has extra features to consider.

Ease of use

How easy if the chair to put up and fold away? A high performing chair will be easy to use even one handed. As the chair will be folded away often it’s best to check how easy it is to move the chair around so you may want to consider a chair with wheels.


A folding high chair should be stable when set up with no wobbling. If the chair comes with wheels ensure there is a locking system to steady hem when the chair is in use. Another locking feature to assess for is a folding lock to hold the chair together when folded to prevent accidents.


Most folding high chairs are purchased to save space in a small house so dimensions are important. Check how large much space the chair takes up when it’s opened (the footprint) as well as when it’s folded. Remember to measure the available space to have to make sure there is plenty of room to set the chair up and store away.


Another portability issue is how easy the chair is to lift so always check the weight of the chair. Plastic or aluminium frames tend to be lighter than wooden chairs. Weight is also important if you will be transporting the chair in a car often.

Advantages of a Folding High Chair

Space Saving

This is the most popular reason for buying a folding high chair. If your house is small and you don’t have enough room for a highchair with a large footprint then a folding chair is the best option. The best folding chairs are compact to store and light to move around and set up easily.

Easy Transport

If you travel a lot with baby or need a high chair to use at family and friends house then a folding high chair travels well. Because they are lightweight and compact you’ll be able to fit the chair easily into the boot of a car with ease.


A folding high chair offer convenience for those who don’t need a high chair on a regular basis. For example grandparents, restaurants and child minders can have the availability of a high chair without one being permanently set up and taking up a lot of floor space.

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