Best Cream for Cracked Heels – Top 8 Reviews

Looking for the best cream for cracked heels? Dry heels with large splits is not only unsightly but can also because you discomfort or pain. The good news is that an effective heel cream can restore your feet and leave them baby soft.

best cream for cracked heels

There is so much choice when it comes to heel cream, how do you which one is best? We’ve done all the leg work for you and researched what is available to buy. We reviewed them for performance and found the top 8 performers. Check out what we found.

Best Cream for Cracked Heels

Flexitol Heel Balm

Flexitol Heel Balm is a powerful and effective option. The main active ingredients is a 25% urea concentration. Urea provides moisture to the skin and exfoliates at a deep cellular level for long lasting effect. This cream also helps to promote regular growth of the healthy skin below. It’s a no frills formula, very creamy and unscented. Perfect to use for sensitive skin and diabetics.

Scholl Skin Care Cracked Heel Repair

Scholl Skin Care Heel Repair is a fast working option form the big foot care brand. This cream works really quickly, you’ll start to see the affects in around 3 days. It works using a various mix of emollients and cell renewals they call active repair K+. It suitable for all skin types as it’s hypoallergenic and fragrance free.

Masterplast Heel Balm

Masterplast heel balm is the best budget heel balm available to buy. You can pick this up for less than £2, but don’t be fooled by the price. This heel balm is very popular and highly rated because of how well it works. The crema is a little greasy, but it’s very easy to rub in. There is not fragrance to it, however it does contain ingredients such as parabens which you may want to avoid.

CCS Swedish Foot Heel Balm

CCS Swedish Foot Heel is a highly rated cream used by foot professionals. This cream contains 25% urea concentrate, and works straight away on even large, severe cracks. It’s the perfect cream for slathering on at night and leaving on with a pair of socks. The results are fast, even the worst heels will show a difference within a week. The added vitamin E give your new skin a boost and leaves it supple.

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Cracked Heels

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Cracked Heels is an intensive repair cream. The glycerine content really give your feet a big moisture boost immediately after applying. Because it softens feet it makes them more comfortable and gives instant relief from the dryness. We love that it absorbs really quickly and doesn’t leave a sticky or greasy residue.

Kaeso Banana and Peppermint Heel Rescue

The Kaeso Banana and Peppermint Heel Rescue is one of our favourite pampering creams. This moisturiser smells amazing making it less of a chore to put on daily. The cream is enriched with coconut oil which is well known for its moisturising properties. It leaves a hydrating layer which holds moisture into the skin and keeping it so soft.

Soap And Glory Heel Genius

Soap And Glory Heel Genius will leave you feeling like you’ve just left the spa. It’s a highly rated brand for its value for performance products. This cream is so thick but really easy to apply. It just smoothers your heels and leaves them soft and supple. It has a gorgeous scent with additions of orange, lemon, menthol and bilberry extract.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Heel Repair

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Heel repair is a non-touch heel balm option. As a palmer product it naturally contains pure cocoa butter but also Vitamin E and Shea Butter for extra moisture. With it peppermint extract it give of a mild and cooling chocolatey mint scent. It’s quite a greasy texture, but this melts into the skin easily and doesn’t leave the usually slipper sensation with socks on.

Benefits of Heel Creams


A good heel balm will give instant hydration to the feet and sooth the discomfort caused by the dryness. Dry area on the foot can cause excess pressure when walking. You’ll start to notice your shoes are more comfortable to wear.


Once your feet are soft, the skin is easy to remove. Once the hard layers are gone the soft skin below is protected from further cracks forming. Regular use of the cream will prevent the hard skin returning.


Heel cracks are the perfect place for bacteria and fungi to grow. This means that heel cracks make you more susceptible to foot infections. Any ongoing infection such as fungal nail can take years to recover from. If your heels are bleeding they need immediate treatment.


Hard, dry flaking skin is embarrassing to display in heels or sandals. A heel balm can restore your foot skin to a normal soft, pink, plump feel. You’ll want o shoe them off at every opportunity.

10 Ways to Prevent Cracked Heels

  1. Hydrate – a lack of water can cause dehydration and your feet will also become dry. If your skin is continued to be starved of moisture the dryness will build up.
  2. Keep warm – Cold winter months cause poor blood circulation. Your feet are one of the first places to be sacrificed to maintain body heat. Keeping warm will help to provide your feet with plenty of moisture and nutrients.
  3. Moisturise – A heel balm can remove existing hard skin, but will also prevent it from reforming. Make it a habit to apply it daily before bedtime to keep the heel soft.
  4. Avoid hot water – Long hot shower or baths will strip your skin of it natural oils. These oil keep moisture in and prevent your skin from drying out.
  5. Check your soap – Some products are full of chemicals which can strip your skin of those protective oils. To avoid this we recommend using soaps suitable for skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.
  6. Health Check – Regular maintaining of feet is important for everyone but especially for certain health conditions. If you have poor circulation or diabetes you will suffer from severe hard skin if your feet are not regularly cared for.
  7. Shoes matter – Poor, tight fitting shoes can cause excessive pressure and friction on the feet. Open back shoes can also cause the foot skin to expand at the heel and harden overtime.
  8. Lose weight – If you are severely overweight, the pressure on your feet can worsen your cracked heels. Losing weight will offer numerous health benefits, and you will notice a difference to how your feet feel.
  9. Wear socks – Walking around barefooted on hard floors can place a lot of pressure on the sole. We recommend wearing soft socks or slippers to absorb some of the pressure and prevent friction.
  10. Rest – Standing or walking for long periods of time will cause your heels to harden. Regular rest of sitting or elevating your feet will reduce the likelihood of hard skin forming.

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