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What is the best baby changing bag?

As a parent, your life is turned upside down by your new mini edition. You’ll soon realise a quick trip past the door requires you to prepare for every eventually. Opting for a changing bag makes lugging all your baby stuff around a lot less stressful. A good baby changing bag will keep you organised enough to change nappies, feed baby and clean them even in your sleep-deprived state.


Have a quick look at baby website. The choice of changing bags will leave you reaching for your reusable supermarket tote. We’ve developed this guide to take care of all the time consuming research for you. Our aim is to help you recognise what feature you need and find the best baby changing bag for your family.

This guide is jam packed full of information. It can be overwhelming to read in one go so feel free to skip ahead or Pin this guide to read later. If you are in hurry, these are the topics we will cover:

  • 5 Best Baby Changing Bag Reviews
  • Types of Changing Bag
  • Benefits If a Changing Bag
  • Best Changing Bags for…
  • Storage Features
  • Bag Designs
  • Changing Bag Buying Guide

First let’s start by looking at our reviews of the best-selling baby changing bags on the market.

5 Best Baby Changing Bag Reviews

Babymel Cara Changing Bag

Fabric: Cotton canvas with matte laminate
Weight: 1.1 kg
Carry Style: Tote handle, detachable shoulder strap, stroller clips

Available here: Amazon, John Lewis, Mothercare

Our Verdict

The stylish Baby Mel Cara is the most popular baby changing bag to buy. Available in 5 different colour ways and prints to suit your style. It’s packed with lots of easy to use features, including three bottle holders and a changing mat. The zippered pockets inside are perfect for keeping your valuables safe when you have your eye on baby. The inside of the bag is room enough to pack all your essentials.

We love that this bag is practical without compromising style. The outer fabric is waterproof to wipe it down after any accidents. It also comes with three different straps to suit your preferred method of carrying your bag. At just under £60 it’s a good mid-priced option.

Storksak Bobby Changing Bag

Fabric: Nylon
Weight: 1.10kg
Carry Style: Tote handle, detachable shoulder strap, stroller straps

Available here: John Lewis, Amazon

Our Verdict

The Storksak Bobby Bag is a high quality with a lot of great accessories. The design is a sleek, quilted nylon which makes it look stylish and not an obvious ‘mum bag’. It’s not exactly unisex; however, dads wouldn’t feel uncomfortable carrying it as it’s not overly feminine. You’ll have plenty of room for storage as the bag has a lot of storage space.

The accessories are perfect, including a dummy bag, insulated food bag and a quilted change mat. All of which have the wipe clean and water resistant quilted fabric. For convenience, this changing bag has three different handle types, including a pram attachment for hands-free use. At just under £100 it’s a high-quality bag that will last for more than one child.

PacaPod Napier Changing Bag


Fabric: Coated cotton
Weight: 1.14kg
Carry Style: Tote handle, detachable shoulder strap, stroller straps

Available here: John Lewis

Our Verdict

If you’re big on organisation then the Pacapod Napier will be right up your street. The bag is organised into three areas: main bag, changing pod and feeding pod. You’ll have super quick access to your things when your baby is hungry or had a poop explosion. Plus when you’re done its upper hygienic by keeping dirty clothes separate from feeding bit and bobs.

This bag is especially great for travelling, whether by plane, train or car. No more foraging around in bags trying to find what you need. The main section is really handy for using as your handbag, keeping your phone, keys and purse. Expect to pay around £85 for this changing bag.

Pink Lining Yummy Mummy Bag

Fabric: Cotton canvas with Eva Coating
Weight: 1.07 kg
Carry Style: Tote handle, detachable shoulder strap, stroller straps (sold separately)

Available here: Amazon, Kiddiecare, Mothercare

Our Verdict

For a super feminine design and a variety of fabrics opt for a Yummy Mummy changing bag. All the designs have the signature pink lining and front pocket with a cupcake and Yummy Mummy slogan. Each bag comes with two elasticated nappy pockets, 2 thermal bottle pockets, mum mirror, 3 storage pockets, padded cupcake changing mat and wet bag. It has everything you need for being out and about with baby.

The bag comes with a tote handle and a detachable shoulder strap. If you prefer to convert it into a pram bag, you can buy stroller clips separately. This bag is the go-to bag for many mums. The fabric designs change all the time, so you’re sure to find one that’s your personality. A Yummy Mummy Bag cost around £80. Keep an eye out for online offers when you can get it for up the half price.

Bebamour Baby Changing Bag

Fabric: Polyester
Weight: 0.79 kg
Carry Style: Backpack, stroller straps

Available here: Amazon

Our Verdict

If you want a changing bag which leaves your hands free, then the Bebamour is the best choice. It’s a backpack style or can be attached to the back of your pushchair. The design is unisex and suitable for both mum and dad to wear. The straps are thick and padded to make for very comfortable wearing even over long periods of time.

It’s quite compact, however, has a lot of compartment to separate your thing. On the outside, it has 3 zipper pockets, 1 large back pocket and 2 side pouches. Inside has 5 mesh pockets and a zipper pocket big enough to store a tablet. There is a change mat easily stored aware for easy access in the back pocket. This changing bag is our best budget changing bag option, costing around £35.

4 Types of Baby Changing Bag

Just like buying a handbag you’ll find changing bags are available in lots of different styles. Knowing the benefits and drawbacks of each style will help you choose one, which is right for you. Let’s look at the most common style of baby changing bags.

Note: You’ll find that a lot of modern changing bags will have a variety of handles included so you can change the style. Usually, the bags are a tote design with detachable shoulder strap or pram straps. This are a great option if you, and your partner prefer different bag styles. You may find that switching the carry style for certain activities makes the bag much more comfortable to wear.

1. Tote Changing Bag


Pictured: Lassig Vintage Metro Bag. Available Here

A tote is the most common style of changing bag. It looks just like a giant handbag and is a style most women are comfortable with. Totes designs are very functional and come in the most stylish designs. Let’s look at the pros and cons of tote designs:


  • Space – These bags offer the most space out of all the types of bag. Great for if you have more than one child to pack for, or twins.
  • Style – Large handbags have been in fashion for a while now. That means that your stylish changing bag can often just be seen as a regular handbag.
  • Organisation – Totes are easy to organise as they often have lots of external and internal storage. This means quick access to your things, as you’ll know where everything is at a glance.


  • Feminine – Men really dislike carrying tote changing bags because they look like handbags. If it’s a must try to find a neutral colour or one which can convert to a shoulder strap.
  • Bulky – The downside to having lots of space if how big the bag gets once it’s full. This can make it awkward or heavy to carry with a little one in tow.
  • Not hands-free – Totes require you to carry on your arm or over a shoulder. This causes problems with not having your hands free or the handles slipping from your shoulders. Not great if you need to climb stair or run after a toddler.

Recommended for: Stylish Mums who need a roomy and organised bag which still looks fashionable.

2. Messenger Changing Bag


Pictured: Babymoov Messenger Bag. Available Here

This is a cross body type of bag which is much more casual than a tote bag. They are usually more compact in size and great for day to day use. Check out the pros and cons:


  • Easy access – Messenger bags are the easiest bags to access; you could probably do it one handed. This skill is useful when you need to keep an eye on your kid and retrieve items at the same time.
  • Compact – Messengers are awesome for taking the basics you’ll need for your day out. A top choice for minimalist parents or those with older kids trying to carry the bare minimum.
  • Unisex – This style is perfect for dads. Messenger bags have the most variety of designs including, feminine, unisex and masculine you’ll easily find one to suit your family.


  • Casual – If you are a fashionista you may find the style a bit too ‘mumsy’ or masculine. In this case you may want to buy separate changing bags for mum and dad.
  • Carry handle – Shoulder strap handles are not great if you suffer from back problems. We also don’t recommend them if you have a lot of stairs to climb as the strap can slip off your shoulder.
  • Space – The compact size means messenger bags are usually best for one child. Over packing can make in uncomfortable to carry around.

Recommended for: Causal mums who take just what they need or dads who want a masculine design.

3. Backpack Changing Bag


Pictured: Babymoov Messenger Bag. Available Here

Just like a regular backpack, but with all the storage features of a changing bag. This is the newest design of changing bag, which is becoming more popular with parents. Let’s check to advantages and disadvantages of this bag style.


  • Hands free – Enough can’t be said about having your hands available to tend to your baby or older children. For multi-taskers you’ll be able to push your pram or carry shopping with ease.
  • Back health – The double shoulder strap helps to place the weight of the bag over your shoulders evenly. This style is the best option of you get back pain from bad posture.
  • Active parents – Backpacks are great options for parents who like lots of family walks or hikes, without looking out of place.


  • Style – Backpacks are a very casual style of bag. The problem with unisex designs is they often end up looking like a school or a gym bag. This won’t be a problem if style isn’t high on your list of needs.
  • Access – Make sure the zipper opens quite low down. Looking for specific items with stuff all piled up will leave you rummaging like a mad person in a poop or vomit induced panic.
  • Compartments – Backpacks usually have fewer external compartments, as one large side has to press against your back. This can make it a little trickier to organising your baby gear.

Recommended for:

Active parents or those who want a hand-free design.

4. Pushchair Changing Bag


Pictured: Bababing City Deluxe. Available Here

The pushchair or pram bag is one of the latest changing bag designs. You use two small straps to clip the bag on to the back of your pram. Let’s look at the pro and cons of using a stroller bag.


  • Easy Access – Having your pram bag in front of you means you’ll have your hands free to access stuff quickly. You also won’t need to place the bag on questionable surfaces in the baby changing room.
  • Convenience – If you are out and about with baby a lot a pram bag is a convenient place to keep all your things together and good to go. This will make you less likely to forget to take things with you.
  • Space saving – These bags create a new storage area at the back of the pram. You’ll have more room available in your pram storage baskets for shopping or pram accessories.


Safety – You may see some other guides discouraging you from using these for safety reasons. The fear is your pram will tip with the weight. This will not occur if you:

a) Don’t over pack the bag
b) Only use on a heavyweight pram and not a lightweight pushchair.

Your child should be supervised at all times when in a pram.

Recommended for: Parents who are out for long periods of time, shop with their pram or have back problems.

Best Baby Changing Bag for….

Let’s look at the type of changing bags that offer most benefit for your lifestyle.


Most changing bags are aimed at being mainly being used by mums. This means dads may feel uncomfortable a femenine design when taking baby out and about. You can get around this by using a unisex messenger or backpack style changing bag. Opt for Neutral or dark colours teamed with stylish fabrics such as leather for a masculine touch. Check out our top 10 changing bag picks for dads here.

Twins (or multiples)

When you have more than one baby to change and feed on the move, you’ll need double the stuff. This even includes two children born close in age. You’ll need a larger bag to store all those nappies, wipes, bottle sand clothes. A bag which as two equal sized compartments will help you to keep your baby’s equipment separate. Plus you’ll appear super organised and responsive as you’ll know where to find the things you need for each child.


If you absolutely want to avoid a frumpy mummy look, then opt for a designer changing bag. These bags look just like regular high end handbags but with all the features of a changing bag. You’ll pay a pretty penny for one, but they are very high quality and will last you for years, and babies, to come. Designer brands such a Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Kate Spade and Burberry all have their own changing bag designs. If you invest a lot in your changing bag you can bet it’s unique among your mummy circles.

Short Trips

When you’re making a short trip out for less than an hour, small or clutch style changing bag is your best option. They take up less space and are easier to carry around. These bags usually hold enough equipment for one nappy change. It saves you lugging around a hug bulky bag for a small amount of equipment.


Pictured: Jem + Bea Amber. Available Here

Benefits of a Baby Changing Bag

Still unsure if you actually need to invest in a baby changing bag? Check out the benefits using one will give your family.


You won’t want to be carrying more than one bag around when you’re out and about. A changing bag will give you enough room for both, yours and baby’s things. Use the section areas to keep your stuff organized for easy access. You’ll be thankful you did during a dirty protest from your baby.


Changing bags are perfect for discreetly storing your things whilst looking stylish. Do you really want the general public knowing you have poop covered clothing stashed in the wet bag? You may also have your own stuff you don’t want spilling out all over the place, including your maternity pads or a breast pump.


You can use a regular bag to store baby’s things; however it won’t have all the hand storage compartments. Baby changing bags has compartment designs that hold baby bottles and changing mats. Look out for insulated storage areas for keeping foods or bottles warm.

Easy Cleaning

Most baby changing bags are made from a fabric which is easy to clean. The internal fabric is usually waterproof or resistant enough to wipe clean. This is handy as you’ll be carrying around lots of milk, food and dirty clothes.

Easy to Carry

In the early days, you’ll probably want to prepare for every eventuality out of the house. This means you will pack a lot of unnecessary things. Carrying that much can make for a heavy load. Change bags are designed to redistribute the weight over the bag, or attach to your pram.

Use as Luggage

If you’re hesitant to invest in a high priced changing bag, think of how you can use it as baby grows. They are ideal to use as luggage bags for weekends away or even your baby’s first holiday. The storage pockets are perfect for searching your hand luggage like a pro on a plane.

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Best baby changing bag reviews

Baby Changing Bag Storage

Any well-designed baby changing bag will have all of these storage areas. Your family will benefit from all of them regardless of your lifestyle.

Bottle Pocket


This area is specially shaped and deep enough to hold a baby bottle. Use it for bottles of formula milk, expressed breastmilk or juice for toddlers. They are ideal for keeping bottle upright and preventing them leaking all over your bag. Insulated bottle pockets are the best as they can keep your baby bottle warm for a few hours.

Wipe Storage


If you’re keen on cutting down on bulk in your bag, then start with the baby wipes. They are essential to clean baby, but carting a whole packet can take up a lot of room and soak everything surrounding it. A wipe storage case helps you to take a small supply, whilst keeping them wet in the case and everything else dry.

Changing Mat


Remember you may not always have the convenience of changing your baby in a toilet area. The need may strike when you just have to opt for the nearest suitable surface. Having a changing mat available gives your baby a safe and comfortable surface to lay on whilst being changed. Changing bags usually have a large pocket or zippered area just to store the mat without taking room in the main bag.

Parent Storage Area


Remember a good change bag will provide space to store your stuff as well as your baby’s. A large flat pocket is great for storing a tablet or magazine. A small zippered pocket can hold valuables such as a phone, keys or makeup.



Small incognito loops are great for clipping baby toys onto and keeping them to hand quickly. If they are internal, you can clip your house or car keys so you don’t need to rummage around the bottom of the bag for them.

Baby Changing Bag Design

Now let’s discuss the features of a baby changing bag that will vary between designs. Certain features will make the bag easier to use.


Most parents don’t consider this a feature, but the right fabric will make a huge difference to how you use your changing bag.

Easy Clean – Choosing a fabric which is easy to clean will save you a lot of hassle when it gets dirty. Leather is easy to care for; however you’ll find most canvas style bags are coated to make them wipeable.

Waterproof – A water resistant bag will prevent any leaks from food or milk from seeping through the bag. It will also protect your baby gear form being soaked if you’re caught in the inevitable British rain.

Breathability – Your bag is designed to hold two very smelly things: milk and poop. Over time, your bag will probably begin to smell if it’s not regularly cleaned. A breathable fabric will prevent his happening. They are also ideal if you are very active with a backpack style changing bag.

Inside lining – Most parents opt for a bag with a light or bright coloured lining. Dark coloured linings make it quite difficult to find what you need in a glance. If you need to use the bag in poor lighting, it will cut down on your searching time.


The type of fastener your bag uses will affect how quickly you can access the contents. It’s a fine balance between easy access to the bag and holding all the contents in place.

Zipper – The most common fastener as they keep everything in the bag without fear of it falling out. The downside of zippers is that they can stick, meaning no access to your baby stuff in a hurry.

Clips – This fastener is most common on a messenger style bag. Again, they are very good at keeping the contents from falling out. They can normally be adjusted, making the bag fit better. They are fairly easy to operate, however, are commonly made from plastic, which can break easily over time.

Velcro – It’s mostly used to close smaller storage areas rather than the main bag. It’s easy to open for quick access. Unfortunately, that means that the things inside can open up the Velcro and spill out. On top of that, Velcro can be very noisy and difficult to keep clean.

Clasps – These are usually found on designer style bags to disguise the fastening without compromising style. They are every easy to access and close, but even worse than Velcro for keeping the contents in place with a full bag.

Shoulder Support

We’ve already discussed the pro and cons of different carrier style at the start of the guide. One thing you should consider is the type of support the bag offers your back. Good support is essential for your back and shoulders as a heavy bag can put a lot of strain on these areas. This is particularly important if you already suffer from back pain, to prevent it worsening.


Consider the surfaces you’ll need to place you bag down to search through it. It may be on the ground or in a baby changing room. Regardless it will probably be quite dirty. That means your bag is a greater risk of becoming scuffed and grubby on the bottom surface. Small bag feet are ideal for raising the bag slightly from the ground and preventing this happening. If you’ve invested a lot in a bag, you’ll want it to last as long as possible, so do consider his as a maintenance feature for your bag.


Pictured: Skip Hop Duo Diaper Backpack. Available Here

Baby Changing Bag Buying Guide

We’ve developed this buying guide to help you narrow down the changing bag which is best for your family. We’ve tackled the areas that are of importance when buying a changing bag. We hope this helps you to identify areas you never considered helping you find the perfect match.


Age range – Changing bags are a must when your new-born needs up to 8 nappy changes a day. As they grow older, you’ll have less use for the bag as they become more independent. Invest in a good bag if you want to use it for more than one child, or consider a style that doesn’t look like a changing bag on the outside.

Users – If you want the bag to be used by both parents or even care givers keep in mind it should be adjustable. This means opting for a bag with different strap styles to make it comfortable for each wearer.

How long – Think how you bag is going to be used. Are you out of the house all day or short periods of time? The bag needs to be large enough to carry at least the essentials. Remember for wearing over long periods you’ll want it to be comfortable to carry when full.


Fabric – A soft and breathable material will be easy for you to carry around. Changing mats included with the bag should be padded and comfortable for baby to lay on.

Support – Padded straps or support straps will prevent aches and rubbing straps. Changing bags can be really heavy once you have it full. Backpack and pram bags are best for reducing the pressure put on your back or shoulders from a changing bag.

Size – A large bag might seem like a good idea for plenty of space. However, they can be bulky and heavy to carry. If you have a petite frame, oversized bags can be awkward to carry. For short trips out consider buying a separate small bag as you won’t need more than one feed or nappy change.

Weight – Consider how heavy or lightweight the bag is without anything inside it. Material, size and accessories will all effect how heavy the bag is.


Style – This will depend on your own personal style, there is a design to suit all tastes. If you like to follow fashion, then a designer changing bag is your best option. It’s important not to compromise style for comfort or storage. First and foremost, your bag needs to be practical.

Dad Friendly – Keep your partner in mind if you intend to share the bag. We bet they won’t be enthused about wear a shocking pink flowery tote style bag. Men prefer masculine features such as dark colours, leather fabric and a backpack or messenger style.

Accessories – The small features added to your bag can really make a difference to how easy the bag is to use. The more beneficial your bag is the happier you’ll be with your choice. The best bags should at least have an insulated bottle holders, a changing mat, parent storage and baby wipe storage.

Storage – This is important for organisation in your bag. You’ll be carrying a lot of things around, and if it’s not in any order, you won’t be able to get what you need as quick as you can. Trust us, you’ll be thankful your baby doesn’t have time to rub poop in their hair whilst you search for the baby wipes.

Pram compatibility – If you want to use pram attachment straps, make sure they are compatible with your pram handle. For safety reasons, only use these straps with heavyweight prams or pushchairs to prevent it tipping backwards.


Pictured: Jem + Bea Amber. Available Here

Ease of Use

Fastening – We’ve already discussed the pros and cons of each type earlier in the article. You want to try to balance ease of access with keeping your contents contained. Zippers are clasps usually score highest for both aspects.

Handles – Opt for a bag which has a variety of carry styles. This will make it easier to use in certain situations. It will also allow a comfortable fit for different users.

Portability – Your bag is designed to be carried, however, you may occasionally want to store it in your pram. Without pram straps large and bulky changing bags can take up quite a lot of room in a storage basket.

Lining – The colour of the lining can make a difference to how easy it is to find things. Bright and light colours are ideal, especially when looking for items in poor lighting. If you opt for a dark lining consider keeping a small torch attached to search easily.


Fabrics – Changing bags are designs for dealing with messy situations. Opt for a fabric which is easy to clean and breathable. At least make sure the internal lining can be wiped clean as this area will get grubby very quickly.

Separate areas – For hygiene purposes look for a bag which has at least two sectioned areas. This allows you to keep a dirty side and a clean side. This is very important when you have feeding items mixing with soiled clothing.

Machine Washable – If you need a quick and convenient clean them opt for a bag which can be machine washed. Most cannot but the smaller style change bags have fewer features which prevent you from putting it in the washing machine.

Stain resistant – Light colours can be hard to keep looking new and clean. Dark linings will hide a lot of mess but can make it harder to find your things.


Buying new – New baby changing bags have a huge price range from £30 to £2000. Ultimately, your choice will be restricted by your budget. However, a lower price doesn’t mean poor quality. You will find a lot of high quality, practical changing bags at the lower end of the scale. Keep an eye on sales, which often see bags discounted up to 50%.

Second-hand – Have your heart set on a particular bag but it’s too pricey? Consider buying it second hand. Places like Ebay and Gumtree usually have a lot of choice. Make sure it’s in great condition, otherwise it won’t be worth the savings.

Quality – We found that chap bags under £30 left a lot to be desired for durability. They usually have poor materials, seams and chemical scented linings. Your bag will need to withstand lots of use for a two to three year period.

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