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Looking for a great Ameda Lactaline review? If you’re looking for the most recommended breast pump by mums then check out the Ameda Lactaline. Expressing can take a lot of time form your day. Save time and invest in a good quality double pump and half the time it takes to pump. The Lactaline is a double pump from a quality brand which you can buy for under £100! But is this pump to good to be true? Read on to see what we found out about this pump.

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Ameda Lactaline Review bREAST pUMP

Ameda Lactaline Review

The Ameda Lactaline is a personal use pump designed for mums pumping 1-2 times a day. You can use this pump as a single pump or a double pump. This pump is not suitable for mums who are exclusively expressing, the motor will not cope with high usage and will more than likely not last more than a few months. This pump can retail around £85-125 but I wouldn’t pay any more that £100 for this pump.

Who would this breast pump suit?

  • Returning to work with an older baby
  • Wanting to increase milk supply
  • Pumping so dad can feed baby
  • Looking to build a breast milk supply

How comfortable is the pump?

Comfort is so important whilst pumping, after all if mum is stressed whilst pumping the volume of milk expressed will be affected. The breast shields to this pump are a simple non-cushioned plastic design, the pump comes with a standard size (25mm). You can buy an extra soft cushioned stimulator to insert into the flange to help stimulate your let-down reflex. Ameda also makes six more sizes in their customfit range so you can buy a flange to fit you which will greatly improve your comfort levels whilst pumping and these range from 28mm up to 36mm sizes as well as a flange adaptors to reduced the size to 21mm for smaller nipples.

Another feature of this pump which is really impressive is that you have a simple dial control for both suction level and speed of the suction, which gives up to 32 combinations to choose from. This is a very impressive feature and will ensure mums get the perfect custom setting for expressing optimal amounts.

How effective is the pump?

Although this pump does not have different stimulation and expression phases like other models in the price range, you can tailor your ‘let down’ phase to your own needs. Most women find that a shallow suction and fast speed will mimic the stimulation stage really well, then when your milk starts to flow adjust the suction and speed until it feel the most comfortable for you and this will be different for all women. The suction pressure is very effective and the highest settings will be far too uncomfortable for most women so having the ability to change to settings will greatly increase how effective the pump will work for you. On the double pump feature mums report to getting around 8-10 Oz in 20 minutes from using this pump.

Ameda Lactaline Review


To be honest I’m not a fan of the look of the pump, and think it’s a bit clinical looking. However I think it’s because its slightly bigger as it can hold the collection bottles in the actual pump unit. I really like this feature as it ensures the bottles are safe and sturdy if you need to set them down, and any mum who has cried over a bottle of freshly pumped breast milk will agree this feature is very handy for preventing that happening!

Ease of use

This electric breast pump is made up of very few parts which makes it very easy to dissemble, clean ans reassemble. This is quite surprising considering it’s a double pump. The parts can be easily sterilised in the microwave which is always handy for quickness. The pump comes with a fantastic instruction manual wiht clear explanations. It even goes into more depth of how to get the best from using your pump.

What type of system is it?

The Ameda Lactaline is a closed system breast pump, which means that no milk will be in contact with the actual motor unit or the tubing. This makes the pump much more hygienic to use.


The base unit to the pump is extremely light (500g) and fairly compact which helps for portability. Unfortunate the kit does not come with a travel bag to hold all the pieces together so just be aware that you’d need to get a carry bag for it needed to frequently travel with you (working mums etc). The pump can be connected to a mains source of power Ac adapter. The pump can also be powered by a battery source of 6 AA alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries, plus there is the option of a car adapter too, a feature rarely available with an electric breast pump.

How noisy is the pump?

Out of all the breast pumps I have reviewed, the Ameda Lactaline seems to score the best for noise level. A breast pump is never going to be completely silent but it is a very quiet pump compared to other on the market and a lot of mums comment on this feature.

Feeding Equipment

I personally think this is where Ameda let’s this excellent pump down, as the set is a collection system only. This means you get a bottle part but the lid is a sealing lid with no teat to feed baby. You will have to buy extra bottles transfer the milk into and feed baby with a teat. Although I am aware that the Medela bottles are compatible with this Ameda breast pump system. You can pump straight into a Medela bottle instead. It will save you the hassle of having to wash a ‘pump’ bottle and a ‘feeding’ bottle. Ameda also do a range of freezer bags where you can directly pump into the bag and pop into the freezer when finished.

Warrenty and customer care

The Ameda Lactaline pump comes with a 1 year warranty. Ameda also has a helpline number if you are having any problems with your pump. There is a lot of high praise for the companies excellent level of customer service. The number is 0845 009 1789.

Additional Features
All of the plastic parts which come into contact with the breast milk are BPA and DEHP free, this means no nasty chemicals seeping into babies milk supply. There are a few handy extras you can buy for the pump. You can get things like a milk carry tote and freezer packs for transporting the milk if you require.

What’s Included?

  • Ameda Lactaline Breast Pump Motor
  • 2 x Collection bottle
  • 2 x Storage lid
  • Plastic tubing
  • Tubing adaptor
  • AC power adapter

What others are saying

This Ameda breast pump model is really popular with mums. It has received an average buyer rating of 4.2 out of 5 on Amazon and on the Ameda website itself.
Here are some of the comments from mums who have purchased this pump:

  • “makes expressing much less of a chore”
  • “It was recommended by the hospital where I had my baby and I can see why”
  • “Easy to clean and sterilise, simple to use, worth every penny”
  • “Would recommend to anyone!”
  • “I would definitely recommend this product-it really felt like a life saver”
  • “I found this invaluable when I was breastfeeding”

Any complaints?

A lot of mums found that using the double pump was really quite tricky if you are using your hands. They did recommend buying a hands free pumping bra which they found made a double pump a whole lot easier for them. Other mums were disappointed there was not a carry bag with the set. However this isn’t a problem if your planning to use the pump solely at home. We recommend buying buy a small storage bag if you need to travel with the pump. The last little niggle was the lack of Ameda bottles other than the collection bottle, however the Medela Bottles are compatible with this pump.

Where can I read more reviews on the Ameda Lactaline Double Electric Breast Pump?

You can read more reviews for this pump on Amazon, they currently have over 180 reviews by mums who have already used this pump.

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